back to article Daniel Radcliffe to feature in GTA biopic flick. Well, it's work at least

Former Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe is reported to be in line to play the co-founder of Rockstar Games, publisher of the violence-fest Grand Theft Auto game series. According to Hollywood Reporter Radcliffe is in negotiations with BBC Films to star in the true-life account of Sam Houser, and his fight with a Miami …

  1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Since its first release in 1997 Grand Theft Auto (GTA) has been accused of perpetuating ethnic and sexual discrimination, glamorising violence and inciting real–life crimes.

    All the politicians are playing it!

    1. adnim Silver badge

      @Destroy All Monsters

      "All the politicians are playing it!"

      Yeah but that's in real life

    2. asdf Silver badge

      devil's advocate

      Nah they are more into Saints Row as it keeps it real lol.

  2. dogged

    I saw that short series with Radcliffe and Jon Hamm and was pleasantly surprised to find that both are actually excellent actors.

    So this may be worth watching.

    1. Phil W

      Indeed. A young doctor's notebook is what I assume you're referring to, it is pretty good.

      The Woman in Black is not a fantastic film especially, but Radcliffe's acting in it is not half bad.

    2. Paw Bokenfohr

      Horns was surprisingly acceptable too, which was in large part down to Radcliffe's decent acting. He's not awful, which is nice.

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. AceRimmer
  4. Bob Wheeler


    Can't Hollywood find any good scripts to churn out into a film?

    I mean, honestly, well will this translate into audiance numbers?

    1. JDX Gold badge

      Re: Why?

      It's not like they even need a good script normally.

      This rash of biopics annoys me too. is It faux-culture... allowing cinema-going masses to feel snobby?

    2. Stumpy Pepys

      Re: Why?

      The BBC is in Hollywood?

    3. Geoffrey W Silver badge

      Re: Why?

      I know! I didn't watch it yesterday and I can tell you it was bloody awful! I can't wait to not watch some more films and continue my new career as pre-critic.

  5. SolidSquid

    > Presumably the film will also cover the infamous incident where Rockstar lied about inserting sexual content into one of its games and then falsely blaming hackers.

    iirc they disabled the content, but users could use a mod to gain access to it? Been a while, so don't remember for certain, but pretty sure it wasn't actually part of what they intended users to get access to in the game. Also it was basically dry humping, the people involved were still fully clothed because they never finished the scenes

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Correct: it required you to change a bit flag to gain access to the previously inaccessible content. This allowed you to be invited indoors by your dates and play a mini sex game to make her orgasm if I recall. It was all good fun, and the art assets and execution were very rough and ready: it had clearly been canned and just left in there, probably because the task to "Remove Sex Game" was very low priority in a tight game dev schedule.

      When you do apply the Hot Coffee mod, at least it made sense of the dating part of the game. I had sensed there was something 'missing' in the game-play when you arrived back at your dates house and nothing followed, just a feeling as I played it, like there was some mission in the chain missing.

      1. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Dr. G. Freeman

    Aw, thought the movie was going to be the rags-to-riches tale of the DMA lot, making their way from a bohemian bunghole of a city (Dundee) with a wee game that everyone outside their group thought would fail.

    1. Not That Andrew

      brilliant game, Lemmings

  7. User McUser

    Not A Lawyer

    true-life account of Sam Houser, and his fight with a Miami lawyer who wanted to ban video game violence

    Please stop insulting lawyers by including this person in their ranks; he was disbarred in 2008.

    1. ratfox Silver badge

      Re: Not A Lawyer

      Wow. There are lawyers, scummy lawyers, and then there are lawyers that are so scummy they even get disbarred.

    2. stucs201

      Re: Please stop insulting lawyers by....

      How would you prefer we insult them?

    3. keith_w

      Re: Not A Lawyer

      At the time he was a lawyer, so yes the description is accurate. It may be more accurate to say that the fight was with a lawyer who has since been disbarred.

    4. x 7

      Re: Not A Lawyer

      We're not insulting lawyers. We're insulting him by calling him a lawyer. Lawyers - generally - are the scum of the earth

  8. Lallabalalla

    But why?

    After the HP series Daniel Radcliffe never need work again, he is rich beyond the dreams of Croseus. Therefore I assume he only does the roles he wants to. In which case

    a) he must love GTA and/or

    b) WTF?

    Why doesn't he do some proper indie films with a proper story and proper acting. Oh.....

    1. Geoffrey W Silver badge

      Re: But why?

      Oh...what? He was a blast on stage in the star role of Equus. Is that "Proper" enough for you?

      As to "Why" I guess he just enjoys acting. And it beats sitting on his backside in hollywood sniffing blonde women and dancing with cocaine.

      1. x 7

        Re: But why?

        "Is that "Proper" enough for you?"

        Gay horse-sex bestiality is never "proper"

  9. Breen Whitman

    "Good to see Radcliffe hasn't been typecast".

    He hasn't been.

    He has acted as lead role in the film My Boy Jack (2007), which, as a film, and character, is so far removed from "Harry Potter" it was even more admirable Radcliffe received positive critiques of his role.

    The only arguable link is he, as an officer, is from the middle/upper class. Which of course was J. K. Rowling's sole vehicle for success. She leveraged the English infatuation with the class system with mastery. Like a dog owner temps a dog with irresistible treats.

    The dog being of average greater intelligence than the usual Harry Potter fan of course.

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