back to article Wanna quote tweets without manual faff? HAVE AT IT, sez Twitter

Twitter has begun rolling out a new function on the micro-blabbing site which lets users add comments to retweeted messages without hitting the 140-character limit. Previously, inserting one's own remarks into a tweet meant having to copy and paste it into a new tweet and then add "RT" (retweet) or "MT" (modified tweet) to the …

  1. stuartnz
    Thumb Up

    Just to be contrary

    I like it, a lot. It fills a clear and useful purpose. Well done Twitter I say.

    1. Patrick Bateman

      Re: Just to be contrary

      I agree, I like it, it's long overdue. In fact, I recall it being available for about a week, months ago, when they must have been experimenting on sections of users. It was shocking how much better quoting and retweeting has been on third party apps than the official Twitter website. One other thing I am mildly irritated by (which I am not sure this will stop) is some users blatantly pretending they can't just press the 'retweet' button and sticking 'RT' in front of a copy of your tweet - simply to bump up their own Twitter interaction stats (since it now counts as their tweet).

  2. DJ Smiley

    Is this new?

    I've had this for a number of weeks, maybe even months.... I do recall a time without it, and wishing for it but it appeared long enough ago that I don't recall when i was...

  3. TitterYeNot

    Twitts and Twittability

    "Change it back, you c*nts, it looks atrocious.""

    Forcefully and...ahem...succinctly put.

    Unfortunately it will probably be as successfull in getting the change reversed as was all the opprobrium heaped upon the recent El Reg and BBC News website redesigns...

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. EssEll

    Other things to fix

    I think it looks OK, but when in God's name are they going to start loading tweets from the bottom up, FFS? I hate having to scroll back through dozens of tweets to get to the start of a conversation.


    1. R J Tysoe

      Re: Other things to fix

      How will they know how far back you want to go, telepathy?

      1. stucs201

        Re: Other things to fix

        Surely 'back to the first tweet posted since your last visit' is the obvious starting point?

      2. EssEll

        Re: Other things to fix

        I'm not saying anything about how far back to load, they already pick a random number of tweets to load anyway. All I'm saying is that instead of going right to the top of the selection of tweets they load, stay at the bottom and let me work up.

  5. Tim 11

    Is this really big news?

    Not a twitter user myself but to the uninitiated, this looks like something that would take one competent programmer about half a day to implement.

  6. Lyndon Hills 1

    Not a twitter user, and if 'hold me tight, tiny donkey' is a typical topic, won't be joining soon.

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