back to article Pro-tip: Steal a TARDIS to survive Windows Server preview death

Microsoft's decision to deliver the next version of Windows Server in 2016 has created an odd problem: the current tech preview of the new OS will expire before it ships the next pre-beta build. This state of affairs has come about because Microsoft released the first tech preview way back in October 2014, with a six-month …

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  2. Mikel


    Surely they are just polishing the Cortana, Twitter, XBox and Facebook integration. Patience.

    1. Mark 85 Silver badge

      Re: Delays

      So one can polish a turd? Yeah... I know Mythbusters did it... but still.

  3. e_is_real_i_isnt

    Future plans?

    It is to wonder if the reason for not releasing an update is because there is some very large change that's been made an it isn't ready. Which would in turn mean that all the work done to characterize the current version is worthless as it won't represent what is eventually shipped, hence the lack of interest at MS at filling the gap.

    Or MS has just fouled up again, what with all the confusion with not getting chairs thrown at them in the planning meetings.

    1. Antonymous Coward

      Re: Future plans?

      amanfrommars? Is that you?

  4. David Austin

    Client first

    I'm guessing it's just a case of all hand on deck to get Windows 10 up to speed and ready.

    From the outside as a tester since October, I don't think Windows 10 is in crisis: It looks and feels pretty stable - And more importantly, coherent - at this stage, but after the mess of Windows 8, can you blame MS to throwing every coder they have at it to get it ready?

    Besides, since Windows XP/Windows server 2003, the server has trailed the client by 6 months to a year, so that about holds the pattern if Windows 10 hits in the summer as planned.

  5. thedarke

    Thikn you'll find they obviously do care about the next Server release. If it was just polishing, it'd coincide with Windows 10- clear it's more than just about putting the Start Menu back. Given the agenda of vNext, it could well be the most important release of Windows Server to date.

  6. mtcoder

    While I think they will probably just release new keys to drag it on. It seems more like they have made large changes after getting initial feedback and after some of the company direction changes. I mean they are completely changing how windows 10 manages updates, taking that into some account of a change in the server tier as well is going to be a big step also.

    Not to mention I know "why" people are in a blah mood, cause they built systems off the new version and want to keep those systems up. On the flip side though a technical preview is and never should be a starting out and deciding factor for your system builds. Meaning boo hoo your preview ran out, shouldn't have anything important on it anyways.

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