back to article PlayStation Vita owners – Sony owes you $25 cash or $50 credit

Sony and the FTC have agreed on a settlement deal that will include payouts to PlayStation Vita owners. The US watchdog gave final approval to a settlement deal with the US arm of the Japanese electronics giant and its advertising agency Deutsch LA. The deal, first proposed in November will allow users who purchased a …

  1. Greg J Preece

    It is really disappointing that more game makers didn't hop on the potential of cross-buy/cross-play. When it's available, it's great (see Resogun/Sly Cooper 4), and it's such a neat idea. I also haven't come across any games where I feel ripped-off compared to the console versions. Unfortunately, not many people actually went with it, and when they did some idiots screwed it up.

    (No, Konami, I will not give you another $30 for another copy of MGS3 HD on the Vita, when I already paid you for MGS HD and MGS Legacy on the PS3.)

    I don't necessarily think that Sony were wrong to advertise that feature at launch in the way they did. It's certainly something the console is capable of, and at launch it was a great potential for the Vita, but the studios didn't like the idea of buy-once-play-twice, because the console game industry is about as anti-consumer as it gets.

    As for 3G gaming....yeah, the adverts were total bollocks. Anyone who knows what the latency is like on 3G knew it would be total bollocks, and sure enough, it's total bollocks. At least on that half of the suit, Sony deserve it.

  2. Jordan Davenport

    Wasn't that the case before?

    "SCEA and Deutsch LA will be barred from making any further misleading advertisements"

    Isn't that why they got sued in the first place? That's akin to barring them from trafficking kidneys.

  3. Tromos

    Why isn't somebody facing a possible jail sentence?

    Passing off paid actors as ordinary consumers to endorse a product goes way beyond misleading advertising. It is FRAUD.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Why isn't somebody facing a possible jail sentence?

      I take you have't watched any TV ad's for about the last 60 years then?

      That housewife that thinks snowflakes washing powder is amazing, she's not really a housewife...shhhhh

  4. Red Bren

    Still waiting

    I'm still waiting for my refund from when they disabled the Other OS option on the original PS3...

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