back to article VMware tells partners, punters, to pay higher prices (probably)

VMware has almost certainly increased the prices it charges to partners and customers. News of the increases is dribbling out after Virtzilla wrote to users and resellers over the last few days. In this Reddit thread VMware users report price hikes of between one and five per cent. Blogger and VMware-watcher Aidan Finn on …

  1. nematoad Silver badge


    " We do this as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that VMware customers receive value significantly in excess of the prices we charge.”

    If so how are they still in business? Or are they a charity?

    No, didn't think so. PR BS at its finest.

    Looks like VMware have taken a franchise on Apple's reality distortion field.

    1. Electron Shepherd

      Re: Oh?

      If so how are they still in business?

      You're confusing value, price and cost.

      Value is how much benefit the purchaser gets from the product (may or may not be monetary)

      Price is how much actual money changes hands

      Cost is how much money the vendor spends to make the product

      They are in business because the value obtained from buying the product is greater than the financial price of the purchase.

  2. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    Seems kind of suspicious

    Being April 1st

    1. K Silver badge

      Re: Seems kind of suspicious

      Nope unfortunately not.. its legit.

      I've been investigating replacing our 2 Essentials and Essentials Plus bundles - They quoted me £18k to purchase enough licences to cover 8 dual socket hosts. The only relevant benefit to us is management from 1 vCenter and Storage vMotion. So whilst I'd love to upgrade, I can't justify the cost.

      VMWare are chasing clouds these days, they've lost touch with their SME customer-base, they've not delivered any meaningful functionality that would be of use to SME's since v5.1..

  3. John Sanders

    They need money

    To pay the lawyers' expenses in their coming GPL court case.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Any chance that you could stop persistently using this photo mirrored to to bottom? (Or maybe crop the digits out. Although the telegraph poles are still a giveaway.)

  5. @ZefflinSystems

    When accountants make business decisions....

    It appears that in order to compensate for currency losses resulting from the rise in the US dollar, VMWare is increasing prices. This is counter intuitive, since there is tremendous downward pressure on enterprise software prices, due to open source and up start products emerging. VMWare recognizes this, and instead of raising prices to end customers, they are taking it out of the channel, where 85% of their vSphere licenses come from. This is clearly a case of accountants making business decisions. The channel has choices. OpenStack can do what vSphere does, the software is free and support is a fraction of vSphere maintenance. Wake up VMWare!!!!

    1. Jack of Shadows Silver badge

      Re: When accountants make business decisions....

      The problem with OpenStack is integrating all the pieces so that they are generally heading in the same direction. Theoretically, components from different vendors should integrate but we all know the difference between theory and practice. Herding cats seems simpler. [Actually is easier in my case. Cats like me.] If there's one thing that stands out with VMware's stack it's that you can pretty much follow the recipe. Hyper-V usually does but it's Microsoft. [Requires an 'In Real Life' to Microsoft translation dictionary.]

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