back to article Turnbull's Digital Transformation Office to 'leave you quivering with excitement'

Australia's communications minister Malcolm Turnbull has revealed a little more about his Digital Transformation Office (DTO), the agency he's tasked with making it possible to perform all interactions with the federal government online. Turnbull's previously said the DTO has a goal of taking transactions online by 2017, but …

  1. Zero Sum

    Australia catching up with the Russians (and Brits)?

    Thanks, Malcolm! By 2017, you hope to have in place a system that Russia's had running for a couple of years – a central government site for dealing with pensions, passports, tax, immigration, patents, intellectual property and all of those fussy things that should have been in one place a long time ago (let's not consider here surveillance – even though Australia is doing more than catching up on that account!)

    On the internet government services front, Russia is doing pretty well – they even offer simple versions of the site in French, German, and English, along with a variant for the visually impaired.

    Have a look – at least a peek before reflexively copying the British model. At least be informed:

  2. LaeMing Silver badge

    Will there be a version of all these services for all the people who can't get NBN (or any internet at all)?

  3. anonymousI

    Turnbull's DTO may be more likely to leave me "quivering with excitement" if the Government had not just enacted data retention and website blocking laws.

    These were passed with support from the Opposition, and in what appears may have been a truly remarkable coincidence, came after the movie and music industries had donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to both sides of politics.

    So, I shall attempt to try and control any quivering enthusiasm for the current government.

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