back to article EMC pulls on its DSSD boxing gloves and crooks a finger at Oracle

What we're learning about EMC’s DSSD all-flash array project suggests it’s going to be the weapon of choice for the company in its war against Oracle's Engineered Systems. DSSD could well be the new VMAX – a truly enterprise-class reliable all-flash array, but not one with XtremIO and VMAX-class data services. XtremIO is …

  1. nematoad Silver badge


    Well after wading through the jargon, cliches and grammatical constructs it would seem that this bit of kit is quite fast. It did take me a few readings to parse the meaning out of the piece.

    I do wish people writing technical stuff could fit in time to attend a writing seminar or two.

    Things might be a little clearer then.

    That or take up writing patent applications.

  2. Z 4195

    "He was introduced by EMC II CEO David Goulden who positioned DSSD as providing storage for high-performance platform 3 apps."

    Can anyone help me out with a definition of what a "platform 3 app" is? I've never heard of the term, and can't seem to find anything via google etc. Cheers.

    1. DainB Bronze badge

      Marketing bovine manure, what else would it be ?

      (Reading between lines - DSSD does not support replication or any other means of DR, so let's pretend we planned it all along and designed it for applications that do not require DR).

      *P2 = “Platform 2” applications stacks, which almost always have some RDBMS (eg. Oracle) at the bottom, and may be custom J2EE/.NET apps, or off the shelf enterprise software stacks. P2 applications depend on infrastructure resilience/backup/DR/etc… They are the kind of apps that if someone said “what happens if I shut off this rack?” someone would start screaming about “do you want to invoke the DR plan!”.

      *P3 = “Platform 3” app stacks, which have a data fabric at the bottom – not a RDBMS - are built on PaaS/microservice architectures, and have little to no expectation of infrastructure resilience. They are the kind of apps that if someone said “what happens if I shut off this rack?”, the developer should say : “I’ve built this app with full geo-dispersion and expectations of eventual consistency models – go right ahead”.

      1. Z 4195

        Makes sense. Thanks, DainB.

    2. Krita

      RE: What is Platform 3

      Z4195, the reason you wouldn't find P3 easily on google is because most refer to it is "the third Platform", which is basically the new workloads we encounter these days such as Social, mobile, Cloud, Big Data etc. Workloads which are unstructured and unpredictable and should be entirely "Software Defined" to decouple the app from the underlying Hardware.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    NSA's wet dream .

    That's what this is.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: NSA's wet dream .

      "XtremIO is meant for enterprise, data-service rich, bullet-proof environments"....cough! cough!

      Surely given it's recent history there's a large dose of artistic license involved in that statement.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    News: EMC promises to deliver something a bit faster sometime in the future, just in time for when everyone has moved most of their apps to the cloud.

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