back to article Scavengers pick bones of collapsed telly-spaff upstart Aereo

Erstwhile TV streamer Aereo has held the auction to sell off its remaining assets to help cover its debts. The results: not so good. The company was able to get just US$1.54m for the sale of its trademarks, patents, domains and customer lists. A trio of companies, including DVR-maker TiVo bought the assets. According to a …

  1. Thorne

    And it's idiots like these is the reason why people pirate.

    All Aereo did was extend the broadcast range of existing channels giving them a wider audience for their advertising but they sued it into oblivion and now people go back to pirating......

    1. Tom 35 Silver badge

      Most of the broadcasters are owned by, or own cable companies. Aereo was a danger to cable cash flow.

  2. Ralph B

    Adapting an Old Joke

    Q. How do you make a small fortune at a TV streaming startup?

    A. Start with a large fortune.

    $100m in funding turned into $2m at wind-up. Mission accomplished, broadcasters.

  3. Senshi

    Dinosaur business model

    The supreme court had a chance to do something, but instead they went with the status quo. No surprise there, but disappointing nonetheless.

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