Sony Xperia Z3 compact battery - replacement?

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  1. sorry, what?

    Sony Xperia Z3 compact battery - replacement?

    So all the reviews say the battery life is great, lasting up to 2 days on a charge. The reviews also say the battery is not user replaceable. This leads me to the following questions:

    If I bought this phone...

    A) how long before the battery can't hold charge for 1 day's moderate use?

    B) how difficult is it to actually replace the battery for someone with moderate skill, if it is even actually possible?

    I am the sort of person who buys their phone and keeps it for years, so want to be able to cope with the degrading battery issue.

    1. Corin

      Re: Sony Xperia Z3 compact battery - replacement?

      I own this phone. I can't see any subtle method of disassembly (e.g. screw heads under covers and what have you). Not that I've tried: I suspect any effort would almost certainly damage the waterproofing.

    2. wurdsmiff

      Re: Sony Xperia Z3 compact battery - replacement?

      Hi had mine for 2 years and it lasted a day with ease. You would like need a case for it though - I'd be surprised if the battery went before you cracked either the front or back glass

  2. raees

    Currently I am using this one. It is Sony Xperia Z and it's battery is locked inside the cover. It cannot be opened normally as we can with other mobile phones. I feel sometimes my battery makes problem, I am not comfortable with opening the cover the go and buy another battery. Therefore I reduce the currently running apps in my cell. This somehow benefits.

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