back to article Speak your brains on surveillance, despots. No we don't mean Five Eyes

Dutch Member of European Parliament, Marietje Schaake, has asked the public for input into her report on surveillance and human rights. Anyone with even a vague interest in “the impact of intrusion and surveillance systems on human rights in third countries” is invited to send their thoughts to marietje.schaake-office@ep. …

  1. Pen-y-gors Silver badge

    But I assume it DOES include

    The good old US of A and its Department of Homeland Civil Rights Violations?

    1. Graham Marsden
      Big Brother

      Re: But I assume it DOES include

      But the USA are on *our* side!

      (Of course whethet they think that we are on theirs...)

  2. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Relationship between handwringing and action

    Inverse corrolation. See also, arms sales.

  3. Mark 85 Silver badge


    Will someone tell her that before we start (again) telling the rest of the world how to practice such things as human rights and ethics, etc. that one should start at home first? Yes... I'm looking the 5-eyes and their government paymasters on this.

  4. Shocked Jock
    Big Brother

    Of course, the simplest solution is to ensure that the data held and helpfully analysed by the likes of the NSA, GCHQ, etc. is available to anyone caring to pick it up. I'm sure they've thought of that, though - the same way as they knew Burgess, Maclean, Philby and Blunt were obviously trustworthy.

  5. seacook

    Fry your brains??

    That must be a piss poor camera in the lead-in photo if it needs so much IR assistance! Surely they can afford better.

    Oh. Forgot the value of intimidation...

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