back to article UK mobile networks LOSE to France and Germany on data speeds

Mobile internet speeds are slower in the UK than in France and Germany, says yet another mobe coverage survey. This survey is crowdsourced by Aalto University and it has to be read with a little caution, as while the research has 1,250,020 data points, 1,144,213 of them were captured in Finland and only 10,298 in the UK. It …

  1. Mondo the Magnificent


    Is the UK really shuffling its feet on mobile data?

    Did a 4G benchmark using Ookla SpeedTest on the 4G mobile phone here in Strasbourg, France where I live.

    Like a saddo I posted the result on Facebook..

    A few UK based friends replied with their results on various 4G handsets and my results were over 25% faster - and I didn't use the Samsung "download booster" function.

    In one of the replies, a friend claimed he was almost under the tower in Aylesbury where he got his result, whereas I was 3 notches down from full signal..

    Perhaps it's a case of over 3G subscription in the UK? Too many non 4G handsets out there to force the CSPs hands to make the investment?

    Ironically one reply to my test result was from someone in South Africa who gets about the same speeds as the UK 4G subscribers, so either Orange France have really gotten their act together in the "Euro Capital" or the UK and results from the more developed areas of the 3rd world are just what are to be expected?

    1. big_D Silver badge

      Re: Interesting....

      My contracts limit me to 17mbps, (17.06 / 6.02 down/up at the moment) the newer contracts are limited to 100mbps or 150mbps (T-Mobile).

      O2 Germany announced last week, that all contracts will now automatically get their fastest 4G speed.

  2. werdsmith Silver badge

    Interesting, an Ookla test on my phone now just showed 39 Mb/s.

    O2 4G.

    1. big_D Silver badge

      Depends on time of day, other activity on the network etc.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    3G or 4G?

    It does indeed depend on activity on the network, but also on the state of network rollout. Quoting figures measured over a year during a period of mass network rollout is pointless.

    I've just done a check on my (Vodafone) personal & work mobiles....personal is 4G & I get 30Mbit/s download; work is 3G and I get 2Mbit/s. I expect my personal one to slow down as more people get 4G handsets.

    Over the last year all the UK networks have been rolling out their LTE networks so speeds will have dramatically increased. The UK is lagging other countries on that LTE rollout. Some of it was due to the delay in auctioning 800MHz spectrum, but now most of the delay is in negotiating with landlords to allow LTE kit on masts. You won't get a proper feel for any international differences until 2017 when O2's coverage obligation kicks in.

  4. Alistair Silver badge

    what the cell can do.

    The backhaul can't cope with.

    "network" is more than one element of the path.

    Study shows network speeds vary all over the damned map. Nothin new there.

    Now... rig it so you can compare each hop on the path, then we can start comparing notes.

  5. Vince

    In my experience, this report is about right.

    Three offers me the best overall speed and pretty good availability of a 3G service (it does really help having no 2G network - especially as 2G roaming is mostly disabled).

    Vodafone does offer me great speeds, on the occasions they bother to rock up with 3G (yet to enter any Vodafone 4G service area). Trouble is when you're on Voda 2G, you have basically not got GPRS, or EDGE, whatever the handset is technically connected at, it just doesn't sodding work.

    EE offers me a very variable service - falls back to 2G service a lot (despite my devices being pretty good at clinging on to weaker, but faster services), but coverage is reasonable - not amazing though. Plus, for me, having 2G is like having nothing, it's practically useless for data services.

    O2... well if you like calls (at terribly low quality) and text messages are your life, they're solid. Great coverage, robust messaging. Unfortunately the internet seems to be something they struggle with. 2G data is mostly duff and doesn't work most of the time, 3G is pathetically weak - and even now, several years after promised getting coverage in my home town city centre is really hit and miss despite O2 saying it should be excellent outdoors it is.

    That's my survey, based on my real world findings every day, everywhere I go with a range of devices.

  6. Tom 7 Silver badge

    There would have been more results from the UK

    if they hadn't timed out.

  7. Yugguy

    If I could get 4G

    I'd post my fecking speed.

    But here in the centre of Coventry I cannot.

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