back to article Brit boffins want £50 million to launch exoplanet observatory

A bunch of UK boffins led by University College London (UCL) is looking for funds for an exoplanet-watching satellite – but we're not talking Kepler-level money. The group hopes that £50 million – including launch costs – will be enough to kick off a three-year mission to get Surrey Satellite Technology to build a spacecraft …

  1. frank ly

    Light from a star

    "Tinetti adds that a platform outside Earth's atmosphere is needed to conduct this kind of analysis, since the light filtered through a planet's atmosphere “is only about one ten thousandth of the overall light from the star”. "

    I assume this is about infrared attenuation due to water vapour in the atmosphere?

  2. James 51 Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    £50,000,000 is nothing for this type of project. Can't help but feel if it was £500,000,000 he would be more likely to get the funding.

    1. Elmer Phud

      How much?

      Think what could be funded if they dropped that stupid idea for a train-set.

      (I wonder what the latest idea of the costings is now? £80bn?)

      1. James 51 Silver badge

        Re: How much?

        I think in principle the trainset is important but it sounds like another monumental foul-up and the price of examining exo-planets is barely a rounding error on it's spreadsheet. Perhaps with India's low price mission to Mars stuff like this will be pushed to the fore.

      2. Anonymous Coward

        Re: How much?

        "Think what could be funded if they dropped that stupid idea for a train-set."

        Oh c'mon, it's going to knock a whole 20 minutes off the Birmingham to London link, making it easier to fly into Birmingham then onto London. then when done, leave London and fly out from Birmingham.

  3. luapop

    Boffins? I have an image of Michael Redgrave in the Dambusters chewing his fingers to the bone as he waits for the announcement of "Goner"...Boffins!

  4. Paul Cooper

    Collage of Colleges

    While the University of London is a collage of colleges, UCL is a college that is part of that collage!

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