back to article NBN Co strangles bird: satellite users limited to 20 GB / month

NBN Co is imposing new limits on satellite downloads, forcing ISPs to kill off plans with more than 50 GB monthly allowances. According to documents seen by The Register, the network-builder is once again finding its Interim Satellite Service effectively DDoSed by its popularity. “In response to complaints about poor …

  1. tkioz

    How dare people who pay for their bandwidth use it! How dare they!


    In all seriousness, a "fair go" has to be one of the most misused expressions of the last decade.

    1. Persona non grata

      Translation of "a fair go" - we screwed up our simple arithmetic now we're looking for a scapegoat. Look over there!

      It's up there with other great Australian traditions like despising "dobbing" (actually directing the blame at the guilty parties - apparently injustice is a noble tradition in this country and it's your honour to protect the criminal and corrupt.)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Too far north for access to O3b

    Suggestion: move to a less developed, warmer country

  3. Winkypop Silver badge

    What's the problem?

    Our illustrious, if not mortally wounded, PM says it's mostly just "Electronic graffiti" anyway.

    And anyway, people in the country don't use technology, or drive cars, or whatever.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: What's the problem?

      Judging by the recent events in Canberra the Oz PM will soon be heading to the outback where he may live to regret his words and have to suffer 2Gb/Month PRON limit like the rest of the plebs.

      1. RealFred

        Re: What's the problem?

        There's a saying, don't count your chickens etc

      2. JamesTQuirk

        Re: What's the problem?

        Runtime: 14 Days 7:56 Hours

        Downloaded Data: 19.41 GB

        Uploaded Data: 547.13 GB

        That's the problem with paying for 100MBsx40MBs Unlimited, and removing Flash & Java, I had to reset after 156 Days online ...

        And what I UPloading/Downloading ? Mirroring SILENT movie's from, Sorry what A waste, maybe we should store Human Knowledge & achievements in 1 place, like they did @ Great Library in Alexandria....

  4. Alkirra

    School of the Air is now online lessons so don't forget the kids that won't be able to access their lessons due to the data restrictions. Restrictions put in place by people in the city who have no idea and obviously failed to do their initial usage calculations correctly in the first place.

    1. mathew42

      > Restrictions put in place by people in the city who have no idea and obviously failed to do their initial usage calculations correctly in the first place.

      That would be the responsibility of Labor who over promised, under delivered and over spent.

      There was always going to be shortage prior to NBNCo launching their own satellites.

      1. tkioz


        >That would be the responsibility of Labor who over promised, under delivered and over spent.

        Labor has been out of office for 18 months mate, it's time to stop banging that drum, it's time for the LNP to start taking responsibility for their actions.

        1. EvanPyle

          Re: @mathew42

          The problem here is that so many people signed up for the interim service under Labor that the service slowed to dial up speeds during peak times, they simply didn't count on the number of people who would take the offer up and have left it to the LNP to fix the problem.

  5. Sanctimonious Prick

    100GB Down To 20GB

    So instead of paying $100 p/m for 100GB of data, are customers now paying $20 p/m for 20GB of data?

    PMSL! Most probably not!

    This just fecking stinks! Why aren't people marching in the dirt streets over this?!!

    Oh, bugger... I'll just...

    1. mathew42

      Re: 100GB Down To 20GB

      I think this is the most sensible comment so far.

      Clearly it is transmitting data that is causing the load on the system, so on a user-pays basis cutting the access fees (AVC) and increasing the data charges (CVC) would encourage people to modify their behaviour. RSPs could moderate this by:

      1. peak / off-peak quotas

      2. prioritisation based on volume of data transferred in the last 30-90 days

      The government could see this delivered as essential service by providing quota free or rebates for traffic to certain government services (e.g. school of the air, medical services, etc.).

      1. JamesTQuirk

        Re: 100GB Down To 20GB

        Nice you got out of the cave to leave a message, mathew42, GET A GRIP, it's 2015, 4K TV/Video streaming will kill the speeds & bandwidths that Liberal Halfwits think will be OK (12/1), China is making the devices that will use it, Very Cheap, in BULK, NOW ... This is part of the computer industry, last 43 years I have been involved, the numbers go UP, not DOWN, Speed required has been going up for years, NOW Neanderthals think it's fast enough, or enough download, WAKE UP, don't your knuckles get sore, dragging them like that .... <----------- I mirror PUBLIC DOMAIN from here, Silents, Newsreel, Documentaries, Really Bad Sci-FI, So What ?, it's legal & I pay for my connection to USE IT !!!!

        I a 8bit 300 baud card modem here, if I could find a motherboard for it, I would give it to Malcom to check email with, cause it seems Progress in the NBN is futile, liberals will kill it, They have NOT got Australia's interests at Heart, they are American lackies, and want to turn it into More Money for their American friends, because they are greedy pigs, and want metered Internet to charge a Premium price for last centuries technology & Not replace the EXISTING system with a replacement, but a modified "financial" model that is scaled to income ....... Thats the Liberal version of Fair USE, they get to use us. Abbott is a pommy anyway, 1st thing he did was reintroduce knighthoods, so he could give Phil one, and lay Doggo waiting for Phil to send one back, Pity we can't sentence them to transportation .... The UK wouldn't take them ...

  6. Vulcon

    Its just recognizing the physical limits that are imposed by the existing satellites. This is a reasonable response.

    What is less reasonable is the very large delay between recognizing the problem, and taking action to mitigate it.

    A cynic might suggest that as the current communication minister said that there was sufficient capacity in the existing satellites (before the election) that the delay in addressing the problem was political...

    Hopefully when the new satellites are launched these problems will be a thing of the past, as the NBN, acting as a proper National Carrier, will continually monitor the requirements and add new satellites as required.

    Wishful thinking?

    1. JamesTQuirk

      I think that's the point, PUT UP more Satellites, Build Country Community WiFi & Phone, people should have FULL access, if they want/need it, whatever the connection, otherwise, with New Streaming Tech it will be swamped ...

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