back to article Google's latest letdown: Simply not enough billions since October

Google's coffers swelled once again in the fourth quarter of its fiscal 2014, with revenues hitting $18.10bn, a 15.3 per cent year-on-year increase. The figures for the full year to December 31 were similarly encouraging. Revenues for all of fiscal 2014 amounted to $66bn, which was 18.9 per cent higher than 2013's sales. Net …

  1. Shannon Jacobs

    "All your attentions are belonging to the google!" is the motto

    Do you feel you're in an increasingly adversarial relationship with the google? All I'm saying is that they are working for the advertisers, and if you actually value your time, then the advertisers are not your friends. Whatever you might want to do with your time, the advertisers would prefer to stuff an ad into it. There's just no satisfying some people, eh? The problem is that even the google is going to run out of time. You can't intrude beyond 100%, eh?

    Meanwhile, the delusion investors will also continue to be dissatisfied. The value of the shares (and not just the google's shares) has become a purely imaginary figment. If they think they can find a sucker to buy the shares at an even higher price, then the price goes up, and so does the market cap, though nothing actually changed. If they think they can't find a sucker, then they drop the price and the market cap, but reality remains elsewhere... No satisfaction here, either.

    1. fandom Silver badge

      Re: "All your attentions are belonging to the google!" is the motto

      I don't remember when I first noticed ads, I must have been four or five years old and watching Tv.

      Yet people still expect me to be surprised when they mention how ads work.

      Weird, isn't it?

  2. DougS Silver badge

    Exchange rates

    Funny how companies that fail to make earnings always blame unfavorable exchange rates if they've softened recently, but somehow the CEO always takes credit for himself and his management team when they make earnings even when it is obvious to anyone with a clue that it is because of favorable exchange rates!

    1. Jack of Shadows Silver badge

      Re: Exchange rates

      Gave you an up-vote but I'd add that leaders of countries often take credit, and avoid blame, for things totally out of their control and the people/media let them get away, often it seems conspire, with it. There are a lot of ways to shield your income streams from currency risks (cough*derivatives*cough), and we've all see the tax avoidance schemes lately, but credit for that would/should go to the CFO. It used to be that being the CEO really meant giving the marching orders to the troops in a business. These days it seems more like the role demands not much more than a cheerleader and apologist for the troops that get the real work done. But that could just be me.

      You've earned it (all week I might add, but won't ;-) --->

  3. Mark 85 Silver badge

    I look at the numbers (dollars coming in) and wonder what all the fuss is. Unless it's one of those things people have grown immune to. I remember a politico offering the statement "a million here, a million there, and soon we're talking real money". It's been modified to "a billion here, a billion there, and soon were talking real money". The business is raking in huge sums and that's growing.. so where's the beef? Someone, somewhere said "it's not enough?". Cry me a river.

  4. airbrush

    Boring adverts

    At least in print etc. they make an effort with the adverts, perhaps in the future adverts will all just consist of plain text + all in the same font..

  5. Stuart 22

    Not a lot of people

    Only 53,000. I worked for a UK based IT company in the last millennium that had 30,000 people. We were big in the UK, SA & Australia and a few ex-colonies with a modest presence in Europe and almost unknown elsewhere. Known - was to other IT cognescenti. No public dealing.

    Yet this company with less than twice the number permeates almost every connected person and business worldwide - that's billions. Indeed many of us are too dependent on their services for both work and play. They are perhaps the most successful company in doing business automatically without the involvement of much grey matter. The first real AI company?

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