back to article Mobe-hungry BT's sales slip over Xmas amid EE buyout silence

Sales at one-time state telco monopoly BT fell by three per cent to £4.48bn in its third quarter, the company announced today. The decline, as compared to last year's Q3 revenues, reflects a "modest" decline in BT's business revenue with more customers moving to data and VoIP services, it said. The company also blamed foreign …

  1. Phil O'Sophical Silver badge


    The I is Interest, not Inflation.

    1. Oh Matron!

      Re: EBITDA

      As any foo kno, EBITDA means:

      Earnings before bad stuff. Tsk.

    2. Muppetry

      Re: EBITDA

      Earnings Before Interest, Tax and Dodgy Accounting

  2. Tubz

    Dodgy Dealings

    Like most big companies, when they had the good times, payments in the pension pot was butchered for profit and when things went bad, they made any excuse and forced their workers to make up the deficit. Now it's coming back to bite them where it hurts, in the profits and shareholders payments, about bloody time !

  3. Mike Shepherd

    '...reflects a "modest" decline in...revenue with...customers moving to data and VoIP..., it said'

    No connection, then, with customers' unpleasant burden of dealing with BT?

    'BT also unveiled plans to tackle its burgeoning pension deficit of £7bn...part of a 16-year recovery plan'

    16 years? Would that mortgage lenders were so patient!

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