back to article Post-modem Ericsson wobbles thanks to flat sales and falling profits

Ericsson's flat sales last year were the result of its disappointing fourth quarter, especially in America, its latest financial results show. The Swedish company is still the biggest supplier of mobile network infrastructure in the world, and in the fourth quarter it saw strong sales growth in the Middle East, Asia and Europe …

  1. Piloti

    Do some research before you post a story.....

    This line "The company, which was once known for handsets, has moved to infrastructure – " could not be more wrong.

    Ericsson has /always/ been an "infrastructure" company. As well as other things.

    1. Richard Jones 1

      Re: Do some research before you post a story.....

      To true, Ericsson were big in network hardware, (AXE10 for example) for years though a North American Company tried to rubbish them out of business with the company I worked for until that also started to fold up like a Kleenex car. The interesting thing is that both my old company and the North American 'network and screw up' company are but history while Ericsson who had a brief play with mobile telephone handsets continues. I actually like their handsets, but they were not 'trendy' enough for the market so they are no more.

    2. Terry Barnes

      Re: Do some research before you post a story.....

      It's been making telephones since 1876 and telephone exchanges since 1884. The statement as written would only be true if it was written 131 years ago.

  2. streaky Silver badge


    They still can't be turfed out the standards process.

    1. Solmyr ibn Wali Barad

      Re: Shamefully..

      Why? Something about that particular RFC?

      Or because of their little argy-bargy with Apple? Well, to think of it, all my Ericsson handsets have looked like a brick with rounded corners. Shock and horror.

      1. streaky Silver badge

        Re: Shamefully..

        Mostly because they and AT&T are clearly fronts for the NSA. AT&T we probably can't do anything about, but Ericsson we probably can.

        1. Piloti

          Re: Shamefully..



        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Shamefully..

          Why exactly would a Swedish company that's been in business for about 150 years be a front for the NSA? Is your claim that that's the only purpose of the business? The whole thing seems a bit unlikely.

          1. streaky Silver badge

            Re: Shamefully..

            Is your claim that that's the only purpose of the business

            Only purpose? No. The history of the company is sketchy enough that they easily could have been literally rather than y'know, figuratively. ITT/Wallenbergs et al.

        3. This post has been deleted by its author

      2. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

        Re: Shamefully..

        Something about that particular RFC?

        "that particular RFC" is actually an expired Internet-Draft. And no, I don't see any problems with it1 either. It's much better to have this issue - a pressing one for large sites using HTTPS, and one that will only get worse - handled by the IETF than by random half-assed non-standard approaches cooked up by half a dozen companies.

        Streaky's an idiot.

        1Or more precisely, I see problems with it, but they're not easy ones to solve and the authors appear to be aware of most of them. (The most glaring issue is that users need to understand the consequences of opting-out, or not, when presented with a Secure Proxy. Most users won't. But most users have no idea what HTTP or TLS are, or what they do, or under what conditions a given connection can be considered trustworthy. So this isn't really a change.) More importantly, these are difficult problems; there's no sign that the authors of the I-D were incompetent or mendacious. It's not Dual_EC_DRBG.

        1. Solmyr ibn Wali Barad

          @Michael Wojcik

          Thanks a lot. By the casual glance it looked quite decent, hence the doubts - maybe others could notice something I couldn't. But NSA and'd take a bottle of really hard moonshine to be able to see that.

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