back to article Xen accelerates ARM server race with version 4.5

Version 4.5 of the Xen hypervisor is upon us. Those responsible for the new release are chuffed to report they've packed a couple of dozen big new features in this time around, doubling the 4.4 release's count. And there's more to come: some useful stuff couldn't be squeezed into this release. But before we get to those …

  1. El Limerino

    ARM Yawn -- it's all about the spooks

    Wait -- let me battle through the masses lined up to buy ARM-based server CPUs systems... oh. Please wake me up when ARM server CPU usage is large enough to actually show up on a market share report as anything larger than a rounding error.

    The NSA contributions to Xen would be more interesting... what are those?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: ARM Yawn -- it's all about the spooks

      > The NSA contributions to Xen would be more interesting... what are those?

      The NSA has mainly been contributing to the Xen Security Modules (or FLASK) - the Xen equivalent of Linux Security Modules (aka SE Linux) for which they are maintainers. FLASK is compile time disabled, if this is a concern to you. If you are worried, you can cross reference from the MAINTAINERS file and figure out the exact contributions based on that information.

      They also are very active in reviewing code from security minded organisations such as Zentific, BitDefender and others: for example vTPM support, etc. They have also done quite a bit of documentation work recently to make security functionality in Xen more accessible to others. Overall, the NSA contributions have been positive and there is no evidence of any backdoors, in the same way that there is no evidence of SE Linux related backdoors.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Got my attention. Real-time anything is important here.

    1. system programming

      Is it? Interesting...

      What for, if I can ask? Adding proper real-time support (up to what you can get in virt) to Xen is work in progress, and is receiving quite some attention these days. This would therefore be a good time for chiming in, asking for/helping develop any feature you think you'd need!

      Feel free to contact me, or ask on Xen's development channel (the xen-devel mailing list )

  3. El Limerino

    Erm... who else is in this race for ARM virtualization? Can't have a race without other competitors.

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