back to article Apple Watch support spotted hiding out in iOS 8.2 beta

The latest iOS 8.2 beta build includes support for the Apple Watch, we're told, signaling the expensive wristputer is looming. The smartwatch requires an iPhone nearby to work, hence the need for the handset's OS to support the gadget. In late December, Register sources close to Apple said the Cupertino giant's engineers were …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Only a few more weeks to preprare yourself for the stomach churning review of it by Stephen Fry.

    1. whatevs...

      Hey, but bonus, we got the equally as trite "...stomach churning review of it by Stephen Fry." comment a few weeks early! /s

  2. Tim Roberts 1

    Just goes to show (or will do in September)

    That some people will buy anything with the "right" name. Just give me a watch that tells the time - I know I'm : overweight, late for my appointment, missing a phone call, not on facebook, haven't run 5km, my heart rate is too high, "NNN" is trying to call me....... Geeze do I need my watch to tell me what I already know?

    1. VinceH Silver badge

      Re: Just goes to show (or will do in September)

      Holy crap - privacy these days really is shot to buggery!

      I know all of those things about you as well!

      Oh, wait, sorry - I got confused there. I know the same things about me!

  3. DanBennett

    "Apple Watch support spotted hiding out in iOS 8.2 beta"

    This has been the case since Beta 1, as the idea of 8.2 is support for the Watchkit as specified in the release notes since the start.

    Just saying... yknow...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A grammatical error in the same sentence as 'idiot tax'. Good job Reg hack!

  5. Stretch

    The shiteWatch saga is most amusing. They are way, way behind the competition, actually YEARS behind. There will no options, just one watch refreshed in a few years time. Android Wear is already out there with 3 or 4 really compelling devices (LG G Watch R, Moto 360, SmartWatch 3 + others) in a number of form factors, loads of new peripherals and innovative devices and more on the way. LG Watch has twice the battery specs of the shiteWatch and better hardware at half the predicted price.

    If you are stuck in crapple land you are really backing the wrong horse. You have to be just totally mentally broken to consider buying crapple now.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Crapple, I see what you did there, about adding Microshaft or M$ to your arsenal as well, just in case you need it.

      1. Stretch

        fanbois hate truth

  6. Chris Evans

    Reg Calender?

    "the gizmo won't be ready until at least the end of the first quarter of 2015. Other outlets... claiming the Watch ... will go on sale this March."

    On my Calender the end of the first quarter of 2015 is March. I wonder were it is on El.Reg's calender?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Reg Calender?

      Maybe they need some sort of timing device with a calendar function built into it?

      1. Handy Plough

        Re: Reg Calender?

        Hey! Aren't Apple bring out something like that towards the end of Q1 2015, roughly March?

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