back to article Power, patriotism, paranoia and envy wrestle for attention in Foxcatcher

Foxcatcher is not really a sports story, it’s a dark epic of power, patriotism, paranoia and envy that just so happens to include professional wrestling. The story begins with the working class brothers and wrestling champions David (Mark Ruffalo) and Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum). While both have won gold at the Olympics, it …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Have you changed the profile? First reviews of some less-than-average SF, and now THIS? What next, oversized, stock-photos to "illustrate" your texts, next to oversized "social-media" buttons? This way to the bottom of an olympic-size swimming pool please! :(

    1. Muckminded

      Re: WTF

      Gimme a hug. There ya go. Feeling any better?

  2. A Twig

    "Their wrestling training gives the film the perfect excuse to demonstrate that despite the envy and discord that runs through their relationship. The brothers are close, their sparring and grappling is both violent and affectionate, culminating in a gruff request from David to “Gimme a hug”."

    Maybe want to review the choice and positioning of the punctuation in this paragraph? Or is it English 2.0 and I'm just out of touch...

  3. Orange Skydiver

    Just seen this movie tonight

    It's not a film about wrestling, it's a film about an eccentric millionaire with only one facial expression.

    I thought the film was a bit on the long side and ran at a constant plodding pace throughout. Whilst I can't fault the performances, it was a bit dull. A person in the row in front of me said (as soon as the credits began) "that was the dullest film I've ever seen, can I get my money back?"

    So while the performances were good, it's not worth going to see. Wait until it comes on TV.

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