back to article Spice up the Sheriff of Nottingham with pinched pepper and brie bribes

I love bluffing games. Most games have an element of bluffing, even simple games like Uno can be played with a bit of deception – a sneaky tactic is to change the colour to something different from your last card, but generally that's a poor decision to do odds wise. Games that focus on deceit have that extra human layer to them …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You're right

    that it's a completely made up scenario. Every player was female.

    1. AdamFowler_IT

      Re: You're right

      Funnily enough, those were real players but one wasn't female.

  2. graeme leggett

    re Uno

    or Whot! for older Britons who saw games in black and white

    1. AdamFowler_IT

      Re: re Uno

      Whot! I just looked that up and remember playing it as a child, loved that game :)

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