back to article NBN Co reveals product roadmap and Telstra planning deal

NBN Co has updated its product roadmap and Telstra has revealed it will help the company to plan future deployments. The highlights of the new roadmap (PDF) are: A guesstimate that trials of a broadband service delivered over hybrid fibre-coax (HFC) cable (Pay TV cables) will start in Q4 of 2015; A second guesstimate that a …

  1. Bloakey1

    Wow. Love the picture of the acoustic coupler and old phone. That brings back memories of using some really serious government kit to try and send a crappy back and white picture somewhere.

    The young of today, ehhh. What do they know? etc. etc.

    1. anonymousI

      Bloakey1, the current Australian government shares your nostalgia for things past.

      Which may explain why they canned the advanced NBN and replaced it with their equally costly but very inferior "MTM", more generally known as Malcolm Turnbull's Mistake.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sate of the HFC Network

    Anyone want to comment on the state of the HFC network in their neighborhood ?

    Seems around where I live, the utilities companies regularly replace telegraph poles and then leave the cut off stump supporting the HFC cable, also I see many sections where the supporting wrapping cable has come unwound, allowing the HFC cable to support its own weight.

    Also Foxtel are extremely resistant to sending anyone who understands the HFC cable to repair a problem until after 3 or 4 visits from a less qualified contractor .

  3. aberglas

    But what about the blackspots?

    So people that already have decent broadband by cable will be getting even faster broadband. With the possible exception of those with multiple ultra high definitions TVs most of those people will not even notice the difference.

    But what about us poor sods with no internet at all, or a dodgy line? No good news for a long, long time.

    The KPI needs to be changed. Not the number of premises connected, but the number of premises connected that desperately want something better. Anything. 5mbs would be wonderful.

    There is no reason for anyone that has a phone line not to have 5mbs. Except that there is no requirement for Telstra to provide it.

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