back to article Hack hijacks electric skateboards, dumps hipsters in the gutter

A hacker duo have shown how to hijack "Boosted" brand electricity-assisted skateboards. The boards feature small motors to help riders go up hills, or down hills much faster. An app controls the motors over Bluetooth. Stripe security engineer Richo Healey and penetration tester and Bluetooth expert Mike Ryan found a way to …

  1. CADmonkey

    "I didn't just fall off...

    ...I mustabin hacked"

  2. AbelSoul

    ".. you could also just hit them with a car."

    Or if that doesn't work, try a wardrobe.

    Then maybe a fridge.

    1. Anonymous Blowhard

      Re: ".. you could also just hit them with a car."

      Grand piano, surely?

      1. stucs201

        Re: ".. you could also just hit them with a car."


        1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

          Re: ".. you could also just hit them with a car."

          16 ton weight will also do nicely

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: ".. you could also just hit them with a car."

 Apex !!!

    2. cortland

      Re: ".. you could also just hit them with a car."

      I used to work on technological security. IMO the gorilla in the room is that it's cheaper -- and (Snowden, anyone?) to just stir up (or buy) a user. Road rage or Roid rage; pick one.

  3. FartingHippo

    How much??!!

    Boards are US$999-US$1,499.

    Anyone dumb enough to pay that for a plank, a motor and a battery deserves a face plant. Preferably recorded for posterity on youtube.

  4. Cuddles Silver badge


    So he first noticed this because disconnecting from the controller caused him to crash. Surely if it disconnects, it should fail to a safe state, presumably simply turning the motors off and leaving it to behave as a regular, unpowered skateboard. A skateboard that launches its user facefirst into the ground as a reaction to losing its connection really doesn't sound like a great idea even before anyone starts hacking.

    Also, am I to understand that using this skateboard requires you to actually control it with your phone while using it? As in, these guys are standing in traffic on a motorised board playing with their phones instead of looking where they're going? They should count themselves lucky if hacking is the worst that happens to them.

    1. Crazy Operations Guy Silver badge

      Re: Failsafe?

      I"d think that something that uses the last speed setting and then slowly tapers off would be easier on the rider's sense of balance.

      As for the control, I'd assume that it'd be a single control that you move your finger up and down for speed (Not much else needs to be controlled anyway). So it would be held out to the side without having to look at it. But then there is the issue of accidentally hitting the home button or something on it...

      Never-the-less the whole concept is idiotic; its a device that costs ridiculous sums of cash to make a merely make a task a little easier that when it fails, has the potential to cause serious injury.

  5. Lamont Cranston

    Is anyone going to pass judgement on an adult

    whose main mode of transport is a skateboard?

    1. Loyal Commenter Silver badge

      Re: Is anyone going to pass judgement on an adult

      The criiime isss liiife. The punissshment isss death.

    2. Random Coolzip

      Re: Is anyone going to pass judgement on an adult

      If their main mode of transport is a skateboard, it's hard to consider them as an adult. Just an abnormally-old child.

      1. Sporkinum

        Re: Is anyone going to pass judgement on an adult

        I just turned 53, and rode to work that day on my skateboard. It's only a mile though.

      2. skeptical i

        Re: Is anyone going to pass judgement on an adult

        Because, what, we should all drive cars everywhere as soon as we turn 18? Not everyone HAS to drive (i.e., is elderly, disabled, covering huge distance, schlepping cargo, and/or in crap weather) and if Healy can get where he needs to go using a skateboard (albeit a motorized one), good on him. (No, I don't skateboard, but I do bike. Everywhere.)

  6. Frankee Llonnygog


    No harm done

  7. Gordo Rex

    Hollywood Calling!

    We make a comedy movie in which the dictator of an (unnamed) East Asian repressive Communist regime loves skateboarding, and a heroic English speaking country decides to overthrow said dictator by infiltrating two journalists who are trained how to hack the Leader's skateboard and thereby effect his demise. Hilarity ensues.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Mine's the one with script in the pocket.

  8. Alan J. Wylie

    CVE assigned

    and this article is referenced

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