back to article URL LOL: Delta splats web flight boarding pass snoop bug

Delta Airlines techies have fixed a flaw in the biz's paperless boarding pass system that allowed a hacker to access information on strangers' flights. The security vulnerability is down to the URLs used by Delta's website to serve digital copies of boarding passes to smartphones. These passes appear as QR codes which are …

  1. P. Lee Silver badge

    Flight security not breached

    But can you update it to a free seat in first class?

    Do we have a new favourite past-time at the gate?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Flight security not breached

      Wait a minute. Didn't AT&T have someone jailed for something very much like this?

      1. Notas Badoff

        Re: Flight security not breached

        Ah, well a kinder and gentler company like just about any airline has a much better revenge alternative - coach seating.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    He's a hacker

    Jail him!

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Re: He's a hacker

      It's a "her".

      Do you even read?

  3. Kanhef

    Some airlines (such as SouthWest, IIRC) don't assign specific seats in advance, and flight overbooking is routine, so seat conflicts aren't necessarily a problem. You'd still have to deal with getting an ID to match, though.

  4. auburnman

    I think more worrying than someone scamming a seat upgrade would be someone compiling a list of people wealthy enough to travel who are leaving the country for a few days.

    Is your passport number shown on your boarding pass?

    1. Ian Tunnacliffe
  5. Sir Sham Cad

    Security is a top priority for Delta

    Honest, we're, like, totes into securidee, yeah, it's awesome whatever it is.

    "there has been no impact to flight safety"

    We've gotten away with it so far

    "at this time we are not aware of any compromised customer accounts"

    In fact we're not aware of anything at all, lalalala.

    "We routinely monitor and perform analysis of data to ensure privacy for our customers"

    We looked at some numbers really hard, didn't find anything becuase we were looking in the wrong place, ignored it when we were informed of a privacy breach and needed a whistleblower to go full disclosure to make us actually do anything at all about it. Delta Airlines. Ensuring privacy for our customers by having security as a top priority.


  6. phil dude

    security theatre, when's the intermission?

    As a frequent pond traversee artiste, I am amazed how much pfaffing is so obviously for "show". Just like a theatre, but not a serious one. More like one of those with Widow Twanky or Paul Daniels on the bill.

    Scan your boarding pass, and flight attendants still count the passengers.

    Computer say no?


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