back to article Sonos rattles begging bowl, hopes for $130m cash stream

Sonos, the Wi-Fi speaker streaming firm, is looking to raise $130m from investors, according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The filing doc doesn't say what the cash is for and Sonos isn't saying either. It's facing increased competition as Bose and other mainstream speaker suppliers jump on the Wi- …

  1. Tom 7 Silver badge

    They could try adding Hi-Fi to the mix

    but then most people have got them already and only need a cheap adapter to achieve the same...

    1. Stacy

      Re: They could try adding Hi-Fi to the mix

      Having looked for a cheap adapter there just isn't anything there that is consumer friendly, except for Sonos (which isn't cheap...). Whilst not a fan of their speakers I do like their Connect boxes for streaming to existing Hi-Fi systems.

      Sound is great (via the digital out and playing FLAC over a wired connection) and acceptable (via the line out over a WiFi connection) to my two systems and control is very easy. Setting up each connect took about 5 minutes from plugging in the box to playing music.

      I could have done it cheaper, but could I have done it as hassle free?

      1. Martin

        Re: They could try adding Hi-Fi to the mix

        Yes, the Connect box might well be excellent - but £279? Two hundred and seventy nine quid?

        Which is why I still soldier on with my Squeezeboxen. Yes, they are looking a little old-fashioned now, and yes, they are not quite hassle-free to set up - but once they are working, they just keep working.

        1. Stacy

          Re: They could try adding Hi-Fi to the mix

          I totally agree. But as they were discontinued they were not an option. And any of the others that I have tried in the past (two Philips Streamium products) sucked (needing servers to deliver the music, having very limited codec functionality - I wanted to replace the CD player in the living room so FLAC was a must) and as I have a rather good DAC in my sound processor I needed digital out to take advantage of it.

          And all workable from an app on the phone (I would have accepted a smart remote as well).

          There simply wasn't anything else available that fitted the bill (I looked into a PI with a HiBerry DIGI+, but to be honest I wanted a done and dusted system and not a play with it for a week to get it working system and then start playing with Apps to find which actually works).

          For the time being I have limited mobility and this was a solution to getting all of music into the bedroom for during the time. Expensive, but for the purpose worth it.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    One think lacking in Sonos is surround sound for when you add their soundbar to a TV.

    1. Dazed & Confused

      You can have surround sound with the Playbar - you use 2 Play:1/3 speakers as rears and the sub for extra bass.

      1. Gazareth

        I was looking into doing this (already have 2xPlay3), but total cost is £2000 and it doesn't do DTS!

        1. Stacy

          Ouch! For that money you can get a damn good wired system!

  3. bobd

    Maybe they might bother support Windows phone and Windows 8 apps with all that money. But probably not.

    1. trillyuk

      Sonos have a survey for Windows phone users to complete here

      However, its been there for sometime and wonder if anyone bothers to check what the survey results are......

  4. gurugeorge

    ive had a couple of £50 apple airports since about 2009 - just upgraded one - setup - 90 seconds from opening the box - wireless range extenders, print servers & wireless audio, quality so good i cant tell that its not an optical wired connection...

    As with all apple stuff its seamless, flawless quality for spotify /youtube from my phone or ipad... theres also a program that steams audio from my PC (still refuse to get a mac) wirelessly using airport...

    At the time, it was a helluva lot cheaper than the other options out there... There are blutooth/airplay combined equivalents for cheaper...

    PS. apple auto-updates apps in background... i started spotify on my phone today and noticed i could choose to play on i) Bedroom ii) Kitchen (new one) iPad! So spotify on ipad/phone can control each other / stream audio to each other by default out of the box... so you can plug in a 3.5mm & use as a wireless audio server...

    1. FlatSpot
      Big Brother

      apple auto-updates apps in background

      Along with a NSA record to the cloud feature

  5. msage

    Gramofon / Rocki

    If you are wanting to stream spotify / other streaming service to an existing hifi take a look at the gramofon or the rocki. Both quite inexpensive and work well.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There may be trouble ahead...

    Whenever a company starts advertising heavily on TV, you know they're struggling.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: There may be trouble ahead...

      They released their numbers last year and their revenue doubled to $535 million from the year before. Then in an interview with Gigaom this year their CEO said that they expect to double again to over a billion this year. Doubling revenue year over year doesn't sound like struggling to me. Logically most startups won't have the money to advertise on TV in the beginning but start doing so once they have the money to spend, which seems to be the case here.

      1. Coussa

        Re: There may be trouble ahead...

        It's most probably a cashflow issue, a too big gap (in time) between expenses and income.

        With that type of growth, they have to spend so much money on building the stuff, and using a distribution channel, it can be up to six months between the time they built the product, shipped it to the distributor in the UK, who then shipped it to the reseller, who then handed over to the customer, who then paid the reseller, who then paid the distributor, who then paid Sonos (phew).

  7. mudz78

    Please. Sonos? No DTS support is a deal breaker for anybody even slightly serious about HT audio.

    Sonos is for casual TV viewing in the bedroom or family room, and for easily managing whole house audio (music).

    Sonos has no business being in any HT setup. Overpriced and over-hyped and feature poor.

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