back to article HDS, HP leapfrog NetApp in the land of the MAGIC QUADRANT

The gnomic Gartnerites have promoted HDS and HP over NetApp in their 2014 general purpose array magic quadrant, with an explanation of the concept given here. NetApp, with its FAS8000, was second to EMC's VMAX in the year-ago MQ, but Gartner has leapfrogged HDS' VSP G10000 past it in the updated MQ, with HP's StoreServ 10000 …

  1. josh.krischer

    Chris, I am not sure that this MQ is for high-end VMAX, VSP, DS8870 at all. Gartner, after the launch of the HDS VSP in 2004 replaced the MQ of the hi-end with Market Scope.

    Anyhow, as a past co-author of the MQs, some of the positions on this MQ are questionable.

    1. pd_p

      Gartner MQ

      considers all general-purpose arrays including high-end and mid-range. They call out high-end systems like VMAX, HDS G1000, 3PAR 10000 along with the mid-range arrays.

      Read the report here (go to the end of the page to find the link to the report):

      HP Employee

  2. josh.krischer

    Thanks pd_p

    Bundling VMAX, VNX , Isilon, ScaleIO, DSSD, etc. in one MQ report may be good for investors but not for the end-users. Different products of the same vendor show different visions, in particular in EMC which use very little synergy among different product lines.

    I have many reservations to the positioning and explanations but will mention only two about IBM positioning. For Example

    MQ quote:"A steady cadence of VMAX, VNX and Isilon product enhancements, new model announcements, software improvements and strategy white papers keep market attention focused on these products."

    JK: The IBM DS8000 pace of development is faster than the competition. In the last 10 years IBM launched seven models of the DS8xxx, more than a double in comparison to the competition. At least twice a year IBM introduces a new model, new features or both.

    MQ quote : "The lack of timely responses to competitors' new product announcements, coupled with IBM's termination of its OEM relationship with NetApp and its divestiture of its server business, has created user concerns about IBM's commitment to the disk storage business".

    JK: IBM was the first to introduce sub LUN automated tiering, The Easy Tier includes the Fusion I/O cards in the POWER server, Heat Map Transfer between the DS8000 in remote mirroring or the High Performance Flash Enclosure on the PCI bus of the DS8870- all these are unique features. On the StorWize series, the virtualization, real-time compression with Hardware Compression Accelerators,etc. The XIV GUI which is common GUI.

    1. Rob Isrob

      Automated Tiering

      > IBM was the first to introduce sub LUN automated tiering,

      Soran and crew created it and introduced it at Compellent in 2005. I'm not seeing anything

      that talks about Easy Tier existing in 2005 nor 2006. Hard to tell when Easy Tier was introed via

      dated google searches but it looks later than 2006, is that right?

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. josh.krischer

    @Rob - I agree, what I meant was among the hi-end storage subsystems; DS8xxx, VMX and VSP.

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