back to article New Euro digi tsar 'H-dot' Oettinger to host sort-of-live Twitter chat

In October, Andrus Ansip, Europe’s new super-commissioner for all things digital, conducted a Twitter chat to present his ideas on the future of the EU’s digital economy to the wider public. Now, more than a month later, Europe’s new digi tsar, Gunther H-dot Oettinger is to follow suit. However, unlike Ansip, Oettinger’s “chat …

  1. Dan 55 Silver badge

    It gets better...

    Günther Oettinger ‏@GOettingerEU 22 hrs

    When accepting #dpaLiveChat I asked for English: Chat German only, tech reason,own platform. I answer English questions English via twitter.

    So German questions are posted to #dpaLiveChat, the questions are collected and selected via the press agency, answered by the eurocrat, and the answers are forwarded to Twitter via the press agency while English questions are posted to #dpaLiveChat and directly answered by the eurocrat on Twitter?

    1. Dr Stephen Jones

      Re: It gets better...

      It employs more people that way.

  2. IT Hack


    How in the fuck did this idiot get that particular gravey from the train?

    1. Sir Lancelot

      Re: Annoying

      It seems he got parked into the EU Commission by Angela Merkel.

      Allegedly she got tired of him in Germany.

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