back to article Newly public dot-dentist flogger Rightside's shares jump on strong domain sales

In its first earnings report since going public, domain-name specialist Rightside reported revenues of $48.8m, a 7 per cent revenue increase over the year-ago quarter, causing its shares to jump by 4.5 per cent. The company is now valued at $173m. Rightside is unique in the domain name industry in that it services every level …

  1. frank ly

    Is this allowed?

    "Rightside announced that it has received $8.6m in income in exchange for dropping its bids for seven new gTLDs ..."

    Isn't this auction rigging of some kind?

    1. Ole Juul

      Re: Is this allowed?

      Isn't this auction rigging of some kind?

      It's not the auction house that's doing it, so I think it's fine.

  2. roger stillick

    Holding my website ransom... good business??

    My webmaster died, taking his server's encription with him... a local hosting server company was rebuiding it from the clone on a web ring of like stuff and then one of these wonderful folks filed on my .org site name and offered it back to me at 4 times what Yahoo domains charged...5 years later my one attempt at a real website is again available - but i'm not...RS.

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