back to article Mozilla promises browser just for developers

The Mozilla Foundation has promised that next week it will give developers a browser that meets their needs and their needs only, instead of catering to the whims and petty proclivities of users. “When building for the Web, developers tend to use a myriad of different tools which often don’t work well together,” the foundation …

  1. Justin Case

    Kids today...

    ...don't know they're born.

    That's all

  2. Psmo

    Oh goody.

    You know, I really wanted a browser with more dev hooks that I never use baked in to make it slower and clunkier.

    And one that would give me a detailed breakdown of page errors that don't interest me because its not my app, or because the actual error is server-side.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Oh goody.

      Those evil bastards at Mozilla, making you download and install another browser purely of your own volition.

      1. Psmo

        Re: Oh goody.

        Oh sorry. Of course if they'll never bake a compatibility API into Firefox, and ever ever ever retrofit some of the 'cool stuff' from the dev tool into the browser. Like they've never integrated any of the content of plugins into the browser for extra functionality.

        All of which is why Firefox is still so quick and responsive.

        Unfortunately, Firefox has become the defacto third party browser; the only one that's not Safari or IE for which all sites will work. (Tried Chromium, but got turned off by the fact it seems to deliberately screw up searches via Bing).

        1. monkeyfish

          Re: Oh goody.

          You never know, they might do the opposite and rip all the dev stuff out of normal FF. That would be ideal IMO, as normal FF can become less bloated with stuff normal users don't need, and the dev FF can become loaded with tools that are actually wanted. It might happen, maybe.

    2. Dr. Mouse Silver badge

      Re: Oh goody.

      You know, I really wanted a browser with more dev hooks that I never use baked in to make it slower and clunkier.

      Then don't use it. Nobody is going to force you.

      They are not saying they will replace FF with this, they are releasing a new product, aimed specifically at web developers. It is not intended to be a daily driver web browser, just like Eclipse is not intended to be an office suite.

      "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

  3. JDX Gold badge

    Developers! Developers! Developers!

    1. Fatman Silver badge

      RE: Developers! Developers! Developers!

      Steveie B left the building quite some time ago.

      IIRC, he has a professional sports team to run fuck up.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Great. Fix the UI and I might like it. If it's actually fast and light, non-devs will flock to it in droves, then we'll almost have to use it.

    I was using Chrome mostly, but new versions are unusable on Linux, crashes all the time. Midori is getting better, could be the nicest open-src browser if they plug the mem leaks.

    Could always switch to mobile app dev...

    1. Fatman Silver badge

      RE: Fix the UI and I might like it.

      Do you mean like tear out that Australis (??) crap?

      Still using FF 28 because of that shit.

  5. pirithous

    Wow...this is so exciting! Will the new developers browser have mandatory DRM in the code along with ads foisted upon the user? I mean...this is open source software we're talking about; definitely things we all want!

  6. Greg J Preece

    Been a while since I've seen a comment thread containing so much gibberish... Apparently Mozilla releasing an entirely new product is going to make Firefox slower, or change its UI (which you can already do yourself JHFC are people still whining about FF4?), or it's going to spontaneously generate ads that don't exist, or something....

    Personally I'm really interested in seeing what this is. From my perspective Firefox has always been the browser to develop in, given that it has the most consistent rendering engine and the best toolsets for developers, so a developers-only version sounds right up my street. If they did split them and remove the dev tools from standard FF entirely, would that actually speed anything up? Aside from the fact that every other browser long since stole Firebug's developer panel, most of the dev tools are turned off during normal running anyway.

  7. ecofeco Silver badge

    Does this mean they'll fix the stability?

    ...and memory leak?

    I love FF, except that the last 6 releases crash like a drunk driver and nobody knows why.

    WTH FF?

  8. Richard Cranium

    When I investigate the cause of my rather too frequent FF crashes the problem seems to comes down to the add-on developer tools I use. The vast majority of users don't need them so it makes sense to provide a developer-centric FF and stop even trying to support the developer tools in standard FF.

    Sounds like that could mean both consumer and developer versions of FF could end up more stable, smaller, faster than the current chimera.

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