back to article EE launches 150Mbps '4G+' in the heart of London

Mobile operator EE has announced that higher speed LTE-A is now available in select areas. This will give speeds of up to 150Mbps. While EE has had “double speed” LTE for some while and Vodafone has recently launched a similar service, the new LTE-A uses a lot more spectrum and so gives much higher speeds. Specifically it is …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Not so much a capital city, as a fuckin country.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Don't worry, us plebs on EE 3G still get a shit signal, even in London.

      1. Tapeador

        Re: Shit EE signal

        Totally agreed - whatever saving seems on the table from buying EE rather than any other data service, its' not worth it, I promise you: I've got an EE 4g dongle and data sim and it will NOT give ANY data in central London. None. N.o.n.e.

        It is so much worse than flaky - even something flaky is non-flaky sometimes. This isn't.

    2. Graham 24


      A business launches an expensive service in the place where there are lots of people willing to pay high prices for it and the underlying infrastructure is in place to support the back-end network needed.

      I can't for the life of me imagine why they didn't launch it in the Isles of Scilly or the Outer Hebrides instead.

      1. FartingHippo


        I've always found I get better mobile data services anywhere but London, especially when in Zone 1. Just too many devices soaking up limited bandwidth.

      2. Zog The Undeniable


        Acksherley...3G was first tried on the Isle of Man. I had the opportunity to play with one of the NEC prototype phones over there.

      3. werdsmith Silver badge


        "I can't for the life of me imagine why they didn't launch it in the Isles of Scilly or the Outer Hebrides instead."

        Some of us just want a signal of any kind. Not even 50 miles from London where the cockney wankahs are enjoying their petabit/s Facebook status updates.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Actually to be fair. See how many services are tested in Wales first, you may be surprised.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      London does have its own economy, which bears no resemblance to that of the rest of the UK ...

  2. goldcd

    Bragging rights

    but that's about it.

    I was on EE for a good few years and migrated from 3G onto their 4G.. It's nice to have the little icon at the top of your screen, but a smug speed-test aside, never really needed it.

    Switched to 3 not so much for the network performance (which I'm perfectly happy with), but for the nicer package - simple stuff like not charging me for 0800 numbers outside of my bundle, not charging me more if I want to ever connect to 4G and the free roaming.

    Would I like 150M? Of course I would - but as there's no real (or affordable use) for this, I really fail to see the point. Maybe I'm missing something - but I can see no consumer need for anything over a high-def streaming video.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Bragging rights

      The amount of idiots watching TV on the 56 bus in the mornings would suffice, needless to say none of them use personal listening devices

  3. GreggS


    Would be nice to get a decent 2g signal!

  4. choleric


    This speed bump is all very well, but it seems a bit crazy when data caps do not increase at the same rate. If you have a 1GB data plan it is now possible to burn through your entire month's allowance in under 54 seconds. And then pay through the nose for connectivity for the remaining 2.7 million seconds.


    1. returnmyjedi

      Re: Caps

      You did the math.

    2. chris 17 Bronze badge

      Re: Caps

      Fast access speed isn't important if what you really want is shed loads of data. If your done in under 60 seconds just buy more data allowance don't blame the access speed. It's like complaining about the size of the tank in a veyron when using it on the autobahn flat out and you'd rather cover the same distance flat out in a blue motion polo instead because it'll take you longer to travel the same distance at that vehicles max ability.

  5. Dabooka Silver badge


    Maybe the useless twunts shoudl sort out their standard 3G signals in the rest of the fucking country instead of looking after a couple of postcodes in That London.

    Still why do I care, I'm free at last!

  6. Nathan 13

    So your monthly allowence can now be used in seconds rather than minutes

    EE = fastest speeds with smallest limits.

    Coupled with the worst CS out of every company on the planet, and frequent dropped, missed, failed calls I would rather buy a pigeon to carry my data and messages.

    1. Semaj

      Re: So your monthly allowence can now be used in seconds rather than minutes

      Don't worry - they'll just mess with their content lock some more so you won't be able to get on YouTube or other notorious sites such as from one hour to the next. That should give you at least a couple more hours of of extra "usage".

  7. John Styles

    It's well weapon!

    1. Semaj

      Glass of Dutch wine at the Nail Gun Arms anyone?

  8. Overflowing Stack

    I left EE for Three a month ago when I came... out of contract.

    and haven't really regretted it. Still sucks at peak times in central London, but unlimited 4G on three swug the deal for me (30 day contract)

    EE are really arrogant, which isn't attractive, they said my contract would continue at the same price... even though it was 2 years and included a phone (S3).

    I bought a Note 3 unlocked because I needed it for research (just like the G Watch R that I have just got)... blah..blah

    I'd be fine with 3G speeds on any network that actually worked reliably! That said, three is on the whole better and more reliable than EE, especially as I get the train down from Kettering regularly and with EE I only got data at Bedford station. With three I get it for more of the journey which means more work... sad little 6ft panda that I am.

    30 day contract, so I am free to be whatever I want to be.

    Anyway, I could do with a job as an Android developer... any takers? Nah, didn't think so, guess I will just keep plying my trade on Google Play selling my own software... blah.. too much beer tonight.

  9. Dave559 Bronze badge

    On a sort of related note, Three UK seem to have had major problems with lack of data connectivity (voice/texts are OK) in numerous locations throughout the UK during the past few days (with little acknowledgement of this other than on their Facebook page). Is anybody else experiencing this problem, and does the Reg fancy posting something snarky about it?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It is a well know fact that there is not enough back-haul capacity in the network to service 3G let alone 4G. What a great way to make money, charge you for a service that can't be provided. Each time the connection is dropped you use up your data allowance reestablishing your connection (TCP/IP).

    The last time this sort of profiteering happened when the Chairman of Vodafone described texting and the closes thing you can get to pure profit. They charge you more for a millisecond the text was transmitted far more than the same time for a voice call. Think how much capacity they saved.

    I ditched EE as the only time I could get a decent data connection was when I was in my office - just when I didn't need it!

  11. hoola

    Shiny new without fixing the old... YET AGAIN....

    How about actually delivering a usable service GSM, 3G etc to all the population that does not live in London. You do not have to be in a "remote rural location" to have rubbish mobile signals.

    Mobile coverage requirments are not far off a universal service, however because it is driven by private enterprises, only the profitable bits matter. This is the reverse of the Post Office, forced to provide a universal service whilst inetp snout-in-the-trough politicians allow every private company to only do the profitable bits, leaving Royal Mail screwed with ever increasing costs.

  12. GeezaGaz

    running before walking...

    agree with the others no point having 4G and 4G+ when its a complete crock of shit using 3G.

    Get 3G coverage equal to what you *claim* it to be and when we are all happy that we can get 3G outside of London (and for longer than 10 minutes at a time) and then move on.

  13. Swiss

    EE Everything Everywhere?

    Should be Nothing Nowhere... useless feckers!

    I too will be leaving EE for Three this very weekend, simply because I can save 35 notes per month with their all you can eat data plan, currently a similar plan on NN is 52 notes but the rub is, you can't get a half decent signal anywhere!

    So even if Three aren't all that much better signal wise, at least I won't be paying as much for the data I'm not getting.

  14. Stretch

    Regulator needs to stipulate they can't roll out a faster service until their previous service is rolled out to at least 95% of the UK.

  15. Dave559 Bronze badge

    Does anybody actually need 4G yet?

    Does anybody actually need 4G yet?

    3G is plenty fast enough for my mobile data needs (and Three data is working again today, finally..): it's not really the speed, it's the usage allowance that is the greater concern for now.

    I use data on my phone for some light browsing, the occasional audio streaming, and the even more occasional video streaming, and a fairly negligable amount of app data. 3G was a big enough step up from GPRS that I just don't see any "need" for greater speed just yet (although that time will eventually come - it's only fairly recently that phones have had sufficient resolution to play Full HD video after all (notwithstanding whether the improved quality is really noticeable on a phone in any case)). A larger bandwidth cap for 3G service would be just fine, but my usage isn't particularly heavyweight to start with.

    Now, if they were trying to properly market 4G as an affordable alternative to fixed line broadband, or for tethering other devices (with more intensive usage types), I could understand why the networks are rolling it out. But at high prices and low data caps, I can't see there being many takers at present other than for those for whom it's genuinely "essential": I can think of film-makers/journalists at a remote location, with chunky video to transfer in a fairly time-critical fashion back to base ..and that's about it. But even for those use cases, I'd have thought that either 3G, Iridium, or an SD card in back of a Land Rover to the nearest fixed line broadband would be "good enough" for most purposes.

    By all means roll out 4G *gradually* as equipment gets renewed, but I really don't see the need for a big rush at the present time. After all, 5G will be along at some point, and then everything will need to be renewed all over again.. Have the costs of the 3G roll-outs even been paid off yet?

  16. lasse123

    Japan already has this since July.

  17. Wisteela

    Apple products as not working on the new service

    Give them at least two years.

  18. Jon B

    Welcome to 2013

    We've had general, real world availability of these speeds in NZ for over a year now

  19. RamblinOn

    All so well and good London getting these faster speeds but what about the rest of the UK (not just towns and cities either - we need better access across ALL parts of the UK).

  20. CrashM

    Awesome... so now you can use up your entire monthly allowance in 54 seconds, assuming a 1GB allowance.

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