back to article Win a year’s supply of chocolate (no tech knowledge required)

There is no techie angle to this competition, so we're not going to pretend there is. Everyone loves chocolate, though, so who cares? One of the makes of chocolate Cocoa Runners sells is Pump Street, which is made in Orford The prize is a one-year subscription to Cocoa Runners chocolate service. Each month you get a box of …


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  1. Rol Silver badge

    A years supply?

    Are you kidding me. I could eat the entire "years supply" in a weekend without a thought.

    1. VinceH Silver badge

      Re: A years supply?

      Exactly what I thought.

      Along with "£16.95 per month for four bars of chocolate? Hand me a Twix!"

      1. DJO Silver badge

        Re: A years supply?

        £16.95 per month for four bars of chocolate?

        Well there's "bars" and then there's "bars"

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: A years supply?

          Living in Belgium with a lot of independent chocolatiers, so I can't really see the point in this. I already have access to what, to me, taste like the best chocolates in the world for a lot less money.

          1. Ugotta B. Kiddingme

            Re: Living in Belgium

            and I am most jealous of you. My company has a facility in Belgium and whenever my colleagues visit, they bring us samples of incredible Belgian chocolate. (and wonderful Belgian beer, but we can get much of that over here now).

          2. rvt

            Re: A years supply?

            To be honest, a lot of chocolate where Belgium is famous for is the "bon bon" type (Leonidas on every corner of every street). Unfortunately a lot of them of fillings (called ganache) less desirable for people that loves 'true' chocolate taste.

    2. Simon Rockman

      Re: A years supply?

      That's some going. Cocoa Runners includes very rich chocolate in the packs.

  2. Tony Green
    Thumb Down

    "Everyone loves chocolate"?

    A simplistic generalisation based on "I love chocolate so I assume everybody else does".

    Can't stand the stuff myself. Tastes horrible and is only made edible if you stuff it full of so much sugar that your teeth start rotting while you're chewing it.

    Now if you'd been giving away the delicious sourdough bread they bake at Pump Street, I WOULD have been interested.

    1. mr.K

      Re: "Everyone loves chocolate"?

      I'll grant you that it is a simplification, but I think generalization is wrong. It is a simplification in the way that by everyone it is implied that they only mean humans. It does sound a little harsh to call you non-human, but I mean no offense by it at all. I am sure that you are a lovely...person(?) and all, but we all know that to be human you have to like chocolate. It is simply a part of the human experience, like music.

      Note: Those that suffer from some sort of impairment or illness that prevents them from eating chocolate would still enjoy chocolate if they could and thus are still humans.

      Second note: This comment is an attempt at humor, another human trait. Please do not get offended by it's content in a serious way. Do however feel free to get offended in an ironic way.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: "Everyone loves chocolate"?

        a bit like

        Don't ask 'Who wants ice cream?'

        Everybody wants ice cream!

        Lactose intolerant kids want ice cream!

    2. rvt

      Re: "Everyone loves chocolate"?

      I f you so much love Sour Dough, why go to Pump Street, simply make it yourself! Yes I do that myself, I know what I am talking about.. It's simple!

  3. pisquee

    Hotel Chocolat

    Sounds exactly like Chocolate Tasting Club, which is where Hotel Chocolat began.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Hotel Chocolat

      Given the taste of their offerings, I'd always assumed Hotet Chocolat began when Proctor & Gamble found themselves with an excess of raw soap and a diminishing UK market.

  4. chriswakey

    £16.95 a month for four bars?

    I can get four Double Deckers for a quid in most supermarkets, and at least I know I'll like them.

    1. Ian Emery Silver badge

      Re: £16.95 a month for four bars?

      £17 will buy enough Luxury chocolate at Lidl to make even a hardened chocoholic like me burst at the seams.

      Thats me, with the PINT glass of chocolate liqueur.

  5. myxiplx2

    Easy IT angle, previous research has shown that scientists eat more chocolate than the normal population. Obvious conclusion is that clever folks eat more chocolate, and anybody who's ever worked a Helpdesk knows that IT folks are brighter than the general population.

    Therefore IT folks love chocolate. Simples!

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Are you sure?

      I think Comcast is looking for a VP of HR.

    2. Steve Knox

      Even easier IT angle

      Bet those questions are a thinly disguised attempt to get your password...

  6. BongoJoe

    There's a nought missing

    A box of Booje Booje lasts five minutes around the missus. So one box a day can't be seen as unlikely if it were on offer.

    That works out at well over two grand a year.

  7. Anonymous C0ward

    Year's supply, my arse

    They'll need to deliver it by the truckload.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just under the clickey button...

    it says "By entering this competition you agree to our Terms and Conditions"

    which appear to include getting cold called by "trusted partners".

    Think I'd prefer to buy my own.

    1. Allan 1

      Re: Just under the clickey button...

      Also excludes self employed, disabled and unemployed people from entering:

      Required* Your Organization.

      I'll get my chocolate from Tesco.

    2. G2

      Re: Just under the clickey button...

      not to mention that there's NO ACTUAL terms & conditions linked. AT ALL.

      i think they might be something along the lines.. "by entering this competition you're giving us your first born, an arm and a leg. We'll be coming tonight with a chainsaw to collect the arm+leg."


  9. Carbon life unit 5,232,556

    Do they sell...

    1. tony2heads
      IT Angle

      Re: Do they sell...

      Perhaps the whole Whizzo Quality Assortment

      IT angle: too much software is like the "Spring Surprise"

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If you're going to do this type of competition, might I suggest a years supply of coffee as the prize next time?

    A 40' container load should do the job (Just).

  11. Sebastian A

    Once I was able to locate these terms and conditions (link doesn't work properly on the entry page, it's at ) I couldn't confirm whether there were any country restrictions. Those might not bother people from the more favoured lands, but those of us outside the US and Canada excluding Quebec, or mainland Europe more often than not find ourselves ruled out.

    That said, even what little there is in the way of terms and conditions leads me to think "yeah, not worth it for some pretentious chocolate, thanks."

    Gift horse, open wide please.

    1. Coen Dijkgraaf

      Country Restrictions

      @Sebastian A

      I think it probably is UK only due to the fact that the entry form has no field for Country.

  12. Jan 0


    Are there enough residents in Orford to run a chocolate business? Orford is like a ghost town until the second home owners arrive for the weekend. Drive through it on a week night and note how many lights are on.

  13. Neoc

    Option missing

    There's an option missing in the "how did the Aztecs use cocoa": currency.

  14. earl grey Silver badge

    it's not bacon

    If it were a year's supply of bacon....mmmmm

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's not curry

    If it were a year's supply of curry....mmmmm

    Curry ! Food of the Gods.

  16. Eeep !
    Thumb Down

    Personal details are price of entering lottery for £180

    You seem to be bigging up the value of the prize - there's an introductory quarterly price that works out at 14.95 per month.

    Whatever, my personal details are worth a lot more than than the chance to win less than £180.

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