back to article #Help. There's a STRANGER in my Twitter timeline

Twitter has admitted to fiddling with users' timelines, sparking the sort of social media backlash which is fast becoming a wearying fixture of modern life. The chirpy chaps of Twitter claimed the "spirit of experimentation" made them decide to wodge unwanted tweets in users' feeds. Seeing stuff from people you don't follow …

  1. Jim 48

    "Worried about what you see on Twitter? Turn off the computer and do something else. Problem solved"

    Why Don't You

  2. Anonymous Custard Silver badge

    "But there are times when you might miss out on Tweets we think you’d enjoy."

    "But there are times when you might miss out on Tweets we think you’d enjoy."

    <translation>And here's a message from our sponsors...</translation>

    1. VinceH

      Re: "But there are times when you might miss out on Tweets we think you’d enjoy."

      "<translation>And here's a message from our sponsors...</translation>"

      Nah, they do that already - they're called either sponsored tweets or promoted tweets, I can't remember which.

  3. IHateWearingATie

    I don't pay anything for twitter...

    ... so I am the product.

    I just can't get worked up about stuff like this - they need to make money to keep the servers running and I don't want to pay. It it gets too annoying I'll leave and probably do something more useful that read live tweets from Formula 1 races (which is all I use Twitter for really).

  4. Andy Non Silver badge

    They've not implemented it very well.

    I make limited use of twitter as a source for science news and treat it like just another news website. Today I noticed a STRANGER in camp! Shock horror! I've no idea what their apparently science related tweet was about though... it was in Spanish.

  5. swschrad

    Get rid of the nonsense

    how about that ad for General Genocide? click their icon, look for the gearwheel, click it, and select BLOCK OR REPORT. in the past, I have been clicking BLOCK. I am now also going to click REPORT, and join me in flooding the twits who are censoring the reported users until they stop this fulminating foolishness.

  6. chivo243 Silver badge

    I must be too old

    Even with my limited attention span, I've never understood all the titter around twitter.

    I'd tweet, but don't have an account and my next pint is waiting ;-}

    1. JDX Gold badge

      Re: I must be too old

      That would've made an excellent tweet.

  7. Mark 85 Silver badge

    In the overall scheme of things...

    Twitter = meh

    Facebook = meh

    Social Media in general = meh

    Why get worked up about it. If you use it, you're the product and are going to get used and abused. It's the way of universe.

  8. Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

    They have no choice...

    Twitter is a publicly traded company with a 30Bil USD market cap.

    They have no choice but to do things to increase their revenues.

    So sticking in placed ads in to your timeline makes perfect sense.

    You of course can decide to leave twitter and of course short the stock.

  9. JDX Gold badge

    I'm always getting emails "do you follow X" or "do you know Y" from them. I'd much rather see this in Twitter itself because then I'd only be bothered by it when I was using Twitter, which is not very often at all.

    I think they have a point, that these days Twitter is how many people would find out about people they'd want to follow on Twitter. Well, by "many people" I mean "many Twitter users".

  10. Anonymous Coward

    But isn't the entirety of www-land just rubbish anyway?

    "But the terse folk of social media are furious that their constant stream of rubbish has been sullied with yet more rubbish."

    But couldn't you say this about 90% of the www-net? Certainly reddit, youtube, slashdork, HuffPo, etc etc etc... All the news sites. It's all just rubbish. Rubbish and shopping. And the other 10% is probably just pR0n.

    Anything really useful is probably happening on a mailing list like the kernel mailing list, or on a developer IRC channel, or simply through email from one intelligent individual to another.

    1. Brewster's Angle Grinder Silver badge
      Paris Hilton

      Re: But isn't the entirety of www-land just rubbish anyway?

      But are there cat pictures on the kernel mailing list? If not, count me out.

      Paris, because she's the closest thing we have to cat icon. :/

  11. Gene Cash Silver badge

    "Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus" works a tweet, er, treat for me. I haven't seen promoted tweets or suggestions in a long time.

  12. A Cee

    "But there are times when you might miss out on Tweets we think you’d enjoy."

    But there are times when /you/ might miss out on sledgehammer swinging in your server farm we think you'd enjoy.

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