back to article Batman in the frame to take on Steve Jobs

Pub trivia fans take note: in the near future you might be asked to explain the link between President Josiah Bartlett, Batman, Steve Jobs, Trainspotting, Facebook and the London Olympics opening ceremony. Start your answer with actor Christian Bale, who played Batman in The Dark Knight trilogy. According to Variety, Bale's in …

  1. I Like Heckling

    Yeah that's what we need

    'Another' film about him... I didn't bother seeing the last one and I won't bother with this one... I'm that uninterested that I won't even bother to pirate it. :)

    I'd rather watch 'John Carter 2' or 'Noah 2: The Clean Up' or 'The Lone Ranger: Not Really Lone After All' or 'Milk 2: Really Trying to Milk It Now' or 'Transformers 5: Look I'm An iPhone Now'

    1. VinceH Silver badge

      Re: Yeah that's what we need

      I was looking forward to all of those, until you mentioned the subtitle of the last one - it's now scrubbed from my list.

      1. Eddy Ito Silver badge

        Re: Yeah that's what we need

        Personally I'm waiting for 'Titanic 2: Nowhere To Go But Up'.

  2. goldcd

    This will be interesting

    The 'common person on the street' knows he's the 'Apple genius' (as they've been repeatedly told this).

    I'm unsure if his 'megalomaniacal ass-hattery' is quite such public knowledge.

  3. Evil Auditor Silver badge

    At least we know there won't be a sequel, don't we?

    1. Ted 3

      Isn't this already a the 2013 film "Jobs"?

      As Fry would say: "not sure if original poster did not know or is being sarcastic".

      No, really, I'm not sure!

    2. Crazy Operations Guy Silver badge

      I thought the 2013 movie was already a sequel to 'Pirates of Silicon Valley'

  4. AceRimmer

    Bales audition tape

    is here

  5. returnmyjedi

    Good actor, good director; now all it needs is a script that doesn't scrimp on the more unpleasant (and interesting) details of the man's life.

    Stephen Fry has dabbled in scriptwriting before, maybe he's free to bash out a revealing and unbiased treatment?

  6. Irongut

    Didn't we have one of these already? Staring a typical vacuous Holywood actor. They called it "Dude, Where's My Mac?"

    1. Phil_Evans

      How right you are

      Even though you're a spoiler there, it's a cert that this will be:

      1) A painful rendition of (another) marketing genius taunted by his ego

      2) An overplay of his (sad) demise

      3) Product placement Nirvana

      4) Un-mentioning of all the other clever people in his success

      5) and yes, vacuous, poorly backed, forgotten quickly but available on Netflix now.

      I liked Kingpin myself.

      1. CaptainBanjax

        Re: How right you are

        I wouldnt be so sure. Woz is advising on this one.

        I saw him in an interview recently where he was talking about how lack lustre the Ashton Kutcher movie was.

        Apparently they didnt seek him out for advice. In this one Woz wants greater focus on all the other people involved in starting Apple.

        Hes seen the script so far and he seems happy apparently.

        The interview is on YouTube im on a train so I dont have the link to hand.

  7. CaptainBanjax

    Why Bale?

    Because hes the actor everyone deserves for the film nobody needs right now.

  8. gkroog

    Well maybe this is a sequel... American Psycho...

  9. This post has been deleted by its author

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