back to article Microsoft boss Nadella makes fleeting visit to China for conciliatory competition talks

Microsoft's boss Satya Nadella reportedly visited Chinese antitrust officials in Beijing on Friday. At the start of this month, the software giant was given 20 days to submit written details to China's competition authorities explaining how the company's Windows operating system works together with its bundled Office suite. …

  1. Gray

    A marriage made in heaven

    Microsoft is not a monopoly; China is not an oppressive power. We eagerly await the fruits of their union!

  2. tony2heads

    20 day deadline

    anyone know if they released it on time without patches coming later?

  3. agricola

    Time to re-boot.

    One whole day later, you have TWO WHOLE COMMENTS!


    Be certain to send this ringing endorsement of reader interest in things Microsoft to Redmond.

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