back to article Vulture 2 X-Plane soars over Spaceport America

It's hats off to Tennessee X-Plane ace Billy Bargagliotti this fine Monday morning, as we announce he's wrapped no less than four virtual versions of our Vulture 2 rocket ship. Our Tennessee X-Plane ace Billy Bargagliotti Billy (above) answered our call back in June for someone to construct a virtual spaceplane, rolled out …

  1. Steve Goodey

    Those eyes!!!!

  2. Elmer Phud
    Paris Hilton


    Almost a hands-on LOHAN experience

  3. Anonymous John

    "and enjoy a simulated dive-bombing attack on Virgin Galactic rival spaceplanes"

    Hardly needed to keep them grounded.

  4. Andrew Kaluzniacki
    Thumb Up

    What do we expect in delta altitude from the rocket?

    I've tried to look over the LOHAN historical record, but I can not seem to find the chart that shows how much altitude we expect to get from the rocket after release. Do we expect it is better than the ballon would get us alone - given the weight of the engine? I know it is cool to have a rocket and all...but I feel like the maximum would be gained by launching on balloon burst.

    Best luck - looking forward to the documentary.

  5. paulc

    Rejigged for the new config?

    Has it been rejigged for all the new internal masses and their moments?

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