back to article Symantec security chap signs for CSIRO's ICT In Schools

The Register's campaign to recruit 20 volunteers for CSIRO's ICT In Schools program is four-fifths of the way to its goal. In case you came in late, we're supporting the program because there are never enough skilled people to work in our industry, teachers aren't always in the best position to enthuse kids about technology. …

  1. Michael Hoffmann

    Two questions

    a) Who is "Walsh", seeing as your article speak of Msrs Karsten Schulz and David Shaw, with no other mention of persons (going by a page search)?

    b) How did these guys get going so quickly? Just my bleeding WCC is taking for ages! (maybe that's just me...? >.> <.<).

    1. ssharwood

      Re: Two questions

      Oops. Walsh is, of course, Shaw. My bad. This is what comes of writing too early in the morning.

      I'm told the WCC can take a while and that's the holdup.

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