back to article Chinese cops cuff teen over Heart App Android malware flap

Chinese authorities have arrested a 19-year-old suspected of unleashing a fast spreading strain of malware that infects Android smartphones. Police told Chinese newspapers including that "Li", a 19-year-old software engineering student, was cuffed in Shenzhen on suspicion of creating the Heart App Android malware …

  1. psychonaut

    well then, what do you expect??

    as title. install stuff from some back street vendor, give it permissions to do anything, hope that it isnt nasty. you are gonna get burnt at some stage.

  2. Anonymoist Cowyard

    I see what you did there

    You pretended Android in China is the same as Android elsewhere in the world...

    In China, everything is sideloaded, and a virus hotbed. Elsewhere in the world, it's the exact opposite.

    Good old sensationalist journalism at it's finest.

    1. DropBear Silver badge

      Re: I see what you did there

      Please stop pretending at once that no-one in the west has any reason to side-load an app. Thank you.

      1. asdf Silver badge

        Re: I see what you did there

        Pretty much now if you want an OS wide ad blocker that actually works you have to sideload F-Droid.

    2. Lamont Cranston

      Re: I see what you did there

      Good old sensationalist journalism that explicitly mentions the need for everything to be sideloaded in China?

  3. Nuke

    Hoping they submit him to some Chinese torture

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