back to article Is the tech jobs market really on the up-and-up? Tell us about it

After six lean years, the tech jobs market is supposedly easing up. So are you planning to check out the green shoots on the other side of the fence? Or are you struggling to fill jobs where you are? We’d love to know what your plans are, so we’d pleased as punch you can take a few minute to fill in this survey. ® Create …

  1. J.G.Harston Silver badge

    Hold on, can you make up your mind who this survey is aimed at? Employees or recruiters? You start by saying "are you thinking of changing your job", then segue into "are you having problems filling your vacancies". You're getting as bad as the Gruniad with this sort of bait'n'switch fraud.

    1. goldcd

      I slightly disagree

      I'm looking to change jobs - and one of the reason is that people are quitting and we can't seem to get anybody decent to even turn up for an interview.

  2. toadwarrior

    This survey seems confused and is aimed at two different types of people. Did someone knock this out quickly before leaving for the day?

  3. BuckRogers

    Market is good for IT folks

    My role is in technical sales, which seems to be recovering just fine.

    I'm getting recruiters actively nagging me, and I am seeing a significant drop in the quality of new hires that are coming in.

  4. Warm Braw Silver badge

    There is another path,,,

    I've made a conscious effort to avoid having a "proper" job in IT for more than a decade. The pay's not wonderful, but the hours are great! When I do have some exceptional expense and have to venture back into the corporate world for a few weeks, my soul chills at the futility of the average enterprise and the morose grudging compliance of the staff.

    And it seems to be getting worse - the expectation constantly growing that people will answer e-mails and support calls way into the night (after a day at their desk), and on holiday without any formal recognition of the work involved; the shorter development timescales and coercive (allegedly "agile") methodologies....

    I'm less interested in whether the IT jobs market is growing than in why there's so little incentive to participate in it.

  5. AndrueC Silver badge

    I wasn't aware that IT had been going through a lean phase. I was made redundant last October and had a new position within a month. As for the survey, you missed a reason for wanting a new job 'Reducing commuting time' ;)

  6. Visual Echo
    Thumb Down

    This year? I left the IT industry *last* year.

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