back to article Apple, Intel, Google told to stop being tightwads and pay out MORE in wage-fix settlement

A US Judge has smited an attempt by Apple, Intel, Adobe and Google to settle their wage-fixing case with former employees. Judge Lucy Koh ruled Friday that the $324.5m settlement deal the firms had negotiated with the plaintiffs' attorneys does not adequately compensate their ex-workers. The former employees claimed that the …

  1. Irony Deficient

    A US Judge has smited an attempt

    Shaun, we have so few strong verbs left in English; why not use its strong participle? A US judge has smitten an attempt better preserves that sense of just deserts.

    1. Steve Knox

      Re: A US Judge has smited an attempt

      Yes, but an even better phrasing would be:

      Apple, Google, et al. smitten by Judge Lucy Koh.

      1. frank ly Silver badge

        @ Steve Knox Re: A US Judge has smited an attempt

        There is something about a woman in a voluminous black robe.

    2. Steve Todd

      Re: A US Judge has smited an attempt

      Shouldn't the correct verb be smote? Past participle.

      Thus it should read "A US Judge smote an attempt"

      1. Irony Deficient

        Re: A US Judge has smited an attempt

        Steve, smote is a preterite (for the past tense), not a past participle (for the perfect aspect). Compare smite with write, its closest surviving kin in modern English from the Type I Germanic verbs; wrote is the preterite, written is the past participle. Your example is correct for a past tense statement, but has smitten (or has smited, if one must) would be needed for a statement in the present perfect.

  2. William Donelson

    When are we going to see criminal prosecutions of the super-rich and corporate directors in America?

    Nothing, nothing, nothing will change until that happens.

    1. Tom 35 Silver badge


      They settle for some pocket change, admit no wrong doing, The lawyers take almost all of the cash.


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    6 months of Saturdays doing P.D. in a jumpsuit picking up litter, for the executives involved, would be an actual result.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      And why do you think it will work?

      Look at Berlusconi doing PD - it turned into a publicity stunt with the reporters waiting at the retirement home doors to get snaps. I do not thing Larry Page doing it will be any different.

      1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

        Who ever said they would be sent to pick up litter at retirement homes ?

        Send them to clean up the sewers. Let's see the TV crews report on that.

  4. Ken Darling

    Lucy Koh Crusoe

    I always thought it was Robinson Crusoe who 'ruled' Friday.

    Turns out it was Lucy Koh.

  5. Gannon (J.) Dick

    The Chinese are jumping off buildings for joy.

    I am thankful that at least the Judge knows how bad this looks in world eyes.

  6. asdf Silver badge

    finally that dumb lady did something right

    Hell yes jack up the punitive damages as these are some of the biggest companies in the world. Send a very clear message that free market capitalism as opposed to crony capitalism (what we really have in the US) requires a free and transparent market for labor as well as goods.

  7. earlyjester

    Can we all get in on this, my company pays at market rates (so they say....) if these companies kept salaries lower than they should have been then has everyone in my company been affected.

    Most companies have a market rate pay policy so the number of people this could have affected is crazy.

  8. camnai

    Had there been a Technical Workers Union, this would never have happened, and most of you would be making a lot more money. But I guess unions are old-fashioned and stultifying. Oh, and you have to pay dues, too.

    1. MyffyW Silver badge

      RE: Unions

      @camnai not old-fashioned - just vintage.

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