back to article Microsoft and pals applaud UK's 'Google Review' copyright move

The rest of Europe should follow the UK’s example and get rid of copyright levies, says an EU trade group representing Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and thousands of others. Earlier this week, the House of Lords approved a new law which introduces a narrow private copying exception allowing consumers to make digital copies of …

  1. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Wasn't this already the case?

    The UK, has never had a digital media player/copier/printer/storage/etc... tax while many other EU countries have.

    What's changed? The UK's going to carry on its way, other countries are going to carry on their way.

  2. Christian Berger Silver badge

    Not much different to what's already the case in Germany for example

    DRM is still legal and even protected by insane laws.

    Broadcasting is explicitly forbidden to be recorded, it isn't in Germany.

    I fail to see where the step forward is.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A "license to copy"

    I've heard it argued that in countries that have a media levy, some people consider it a license to copy, and that the rates of "sharing/stealing" (chose whichever euphemism suits you) are higher as a result.

    Is there any evidence to back this up?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Greedy Copyright Thugs

    Don't get me started, grrrrr.

    1. Anonymoist Cowyard

      Re: Greedy Copyright Thugs

      Greedy freeloading pirates, don't get me started

  5. Steve 129

    Eat the cake

    Just another case of wanting to have their cake and eat it.

    I am forever annoyed at the levy to accommodate copying but then I am not actually allowed to copy !!!???

    If I am going to pay a tax to cover copying from a DVD to my HDD then surely I should actually be able to do that??

  6. Gannon (J.) Dick

    The sound of one hand and five eyes clapping.

    c.f. Microsoft and pals applaud UK's 'Google Review' copyright move.

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