back to article Huawei to virtual world: Give us your desktops and no-one gets hurt

Huawei's ambitions in the virtualisation market centre on desktop virtualisation and network function virtualisation for telcos, according to the company's CTO for data centre solutions Ron Raffensperger. The Chinese company was this year's only new entrant to Gartner's Magic Quadrant for x86 virtualisation, a position that …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Having worked with Huawei....

    ...I can say their support is second to none. Yes sometimes there are language barriers, but bloody hell if you have a problem or a bug or would like a tweak done, they listen and usually sort pretty damm quick.

    Others take note, this is another reason they are stamping over other companies. They don't have one guy in support that can help, but he's on holiday for two weeks, they have a thousand that can help....and they do help.

  2. Cynicalmark

    Take care....

    Yes their support may be amazing... Think this through and you won't like a Chinese idea stealing paradise of a cloud to have your corporate secrets would you??? I kid you not this is a serious point to consider about any virtual ware in commerce. I have recommended my company avoid virtualisation like the plague of future theft it will become.

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