back to article Content control freaks are peddling futility, says iiNet

ISP iiNet has kicked back against the idea that site-blocking will solve Australia's allegedly-huge rate of online piracy, calling the idea “futility-on-a-stick”. The service provider, which has broken ranks with most of the industry by positioning itself as a vocal opponent of the copyright industry's prescriptions for …


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  1. as2003

    > The only way the government could stop this traffic would be to block all encrypted traffic

    Shhh! Don't go putting ideas in their heads!

  2. Neoc

    >> His simple prescription to the content industries is that “start treating your customers as customers, not the enemy, and you might find things improve”. <<

    Amen to that. Hint to the Australian Government: treat the cause, not the symptoms. If "piracy is rampant in Australia", figure out what caused it and fix THAT.

    Of course, the media companies won't like that concept...

    1. Fluffy Bunny

      'If "piracy is rampant in Australia", figure out what caused it and fix THAT'

      Great idea and easy too. Just allow parallel importing and the extra competition will drive prices down. But big content won't allow anything that will reduce their price gouging.

  3. James 63

    Likelihood of sanity: < 0

    Haven't seen a single move by the current government to favour the consumer. Everything seems to be beneficial to corporate interests (big media, big banks, mining etc). Don't see this one going any differently.

    When the backlash comes, it'll be all the sweeter.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "start treating your customers as customers, not the enemy"

    The media giants will have to earn my respect before I become a "customer".

    Their collective behaviour to date has been appalling.

    Until then, aaaaaarrrrrr!

  5. poopypants

    The greatest single cause of piracy in Australia is the inability to rent or purchase copies legally.

    Want to watch a movie or TV show on Netflix? Sorry, not available in Australia.

  6. A B 3


    $6 a digital rental is terrible. It's a duopoly situation.

    I suggest you try presto (foxtel) small monthly fee gets you lots of movies.

    The gov cares so little about the consumer, I doubt they would bother to re-introduce parallel imports.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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