back to article Five eyes spies good for us: Tony Abbott

While America has found itself apologising to the world at large – and to some allies, such as Germany – specifically, Australia's government has decided that the “Five Eyes” spook alliance is nothing to apologise for. On tour in Canada to line up investment and recruit allies against international climate change initiatives, …


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  1. dan1980

    ". . . not to be deterred from doing what is necessary to protect our citizens, our interests and our values . . ."

    He is correct, but only insofar as it being good to do what is necessary is a truism. The assumption, however is the the problem - that you are correct about 'what is necessary'.

    Where two desires collide - in this case the desire for safety and the desire for personal liberty and privacy - 'what is necessary' ends up depending on which of the two you deem to be the more important priority. When talking up your own righteousness, you might want to make sure that you've got you priorities aligned with the citizens whose interests and values you say you are protecting.

  2. Resound

    While I'm still gioing to be at pains to point out that I constructed my vote as carefully as possible to keep this loon out of power, I'm still dreadfully sorry that he's being inflicted on the rest of you.

    1. Mark 65

      I see as part of the Wingnut World Tour ole Tone decided to have dinner with Rupert Murdoch. Colour me surprised. Did he want a chat or was he collecting some policies by hand?

  3. Roj Blake Silver badge

    Australia the New East Germany?

    Erich Honnecker used to say that the Stasi was good for East Germany.

  4. batfastad

    Good for us?

    Presumably by "us" he means the usual group of bozos that comprise the political/beauracratic classes, blazer wearing eunuchs and their prep school corporate CEO chums. Or actually, the US.

  5. Paul 129


    Seriously guys....?

    Yes we're putting up with some crappy stuff from this guy, but the others.... Another term, and there would be no small business sector left....

    The guy in charge of the ALP the puppet master for the Kevin vs Julia wars, and the old power brokers responsible for so much pain and hurt are still there, conroy, wong,...

    We need people to export, manafacture goods, use refrigerants, insulate your house, grow cattle, provide dental work, all sectors that the ALP DECIMATED in the truest meaning of the word!

    You seriously want to go back to where generous grants are only available to those that can apply within the first 12 hours of a program? That somehow only works your employees are in the right union.....?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: LOL


      I don't see either side 'destroying' small biz. but you know, anchored in reality.

      I do see direct action being a total waste of money compared to a emission trading scheme, and I'm not the only one.

      I do see both sides breaking promises, but the current government is head and shoulders above the ALP to number of lies. As in said one thing before the election, now doing another. Your big moment for that I'm sure you yell out is the ETS and mining tax. Something from the formation of a minority govt, but overall what harm did they do?

      attacking education will see less people suitable to do the jobs you pointed out. attacking welfare makes more lives miserable. dismantling the ETS will just make climate change - man or environmental - a problem for our children. lying about boat arrivals and approving abuses of human rights - well what do you say about that. buying a 3rd rate fighter jet, well that makes no sense other than to appease the US vendors.

      and stopping FTTH? well there's your IT angle

      so yea. I don't see any reason to be a cheerleader for this muppet. I wasn't a cheer leader for the previous government either, but I wouldn't call them muppets. I was happy we didn't go into recession with the GFC, this current govt seems to think the GFC didn't even happen... genius revisionism

  6. Frank Oz

    You gotta love this guy. His hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    It benefits 'us', so its OK to use it wholesale against 'them'.

    And if 'them' includes his own citizens ... that's OK. As long as his 'us' (by which I assume he means his party, other politicians, and their backers) isn't spied upon ... everything is hunky dory.

  7. clinnd

    goes without saying

    "Obviously we have to be intelligent about our intelligence. I mean that goes without saying" - But I will say it anyway. - Dickhead

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