back to article Iranian hacktivists move into hardcore hacking against West, dissidents

Security firm FireEye has been tracking an Iranian hacking group that has moved from simple defacement of websites to actively targeting Western defense contractors and those within Iran's borders who are trying to circumvent the regime's censorship firewall. The hacking group, calling itself the Ajax Security Team, has been …


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  1. Gray

    Not just "dissidents," but religious minorities ...

    Iran has an on-going, savage campaign of religious suppression, denying civil rights and judicial protections to their citizens who hold religious beliefs outside the state-sanctioned variant of Islam. Most egregious suppression, including seizure of property, exclusion from education, prohibitions against employment, denial of burial in any cemetery, imprisonment, mob-incited beatings, lynchings, and state-ordered death sentences, have accelerated in recent years against the fragmented Iranian Baha'i community. It is not surprising, then, that state-sponsored internet hacking would be conducted both within and without Iran as a campaign against that regime's perceived enemies.

    A great fear of any repressive regime is the ability of the suppressed to find support and succor through the cracks of their prison walls.

    1. Heathroi

      Re: Not just "dissidents," but religious minorities ...

      Yet .....

  2. The Grump

    The problem is...

    Muslims are just a sweet bunch of guys that (reaches for documents)... that believe in "peace, justice, morality, culture, sport, family life, and the obliteration of all people that do not believe as they do”. Hell, sometimes I feel that way some days. But you wouldn't want to share a country with them, right ? Boom, bang, constant nervous time, no chance to relax. Coexistence is right out, right ? It is the ruling of this court that, since slo-time technology is not yet available, all Muslims are to be deported to Iran, and Iran is to be sealed into a Chernobyl- type sarcophagus until the rest of humanity does out. Then, the Muslims will emerge to the world that they always wanted - a world to themselves. Bailiff, begin ordering the concrete – we’re going to need a lot. Court adjourned.

    Icon = reaching for my towel. You gotta know where your towel is.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: The problem is...

      Surely you could pick a larger group to stereotype? Funny thing is, right wing nut-jobs like your ignorant self seem more vocal and numerous than the Muslim nut-jobs. What does that say you about yourself...oh wait, you probably think of yourself as tolerant yada yada

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