back to article What's Android Silver? Samsung preps Tizen mobes 'for Russia, India'

Samsung will reportedly launch a Tizen-powered smartphone in Russia and India. The Wall Street Journal has chatted to its usual “people familiar with the matter” and reports that an all-singing, all-dancing launch event can be expected in early June in the two target nations. Lots of noise can also be expected at the Tizen …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Television .... but not as you don't know it .... and not as the BBC generate it .....

    ... which is their systemic failing which is failing the nation and nations !?.

    Televisions' role as content-and-revenue funnels is, as yet, not as important as that offered by mobile devices. But with Google, Apple and Amazon all sniffing around the lounge, ..

    Televisions’ role is surely more important in the brainwashing department to present an novel engineered virtual reality which effectively effortlessly remotely controls human perception.

    A clever film/series with smarter production direction[s] can easily have the masses mistaking the view they are presented with, as being for real rather than an intelligence servered script being brought to life to create the designated picture.

    Such aint rocket science and is remarkably simple to do if one knows what to do and what needs to be done and/or who to talk to. It can also be highly disruptive and revolutionary and subversive although that could also be argued as being just naturally evolutionary in stagnant status quo circles with perverse and corrupt practices exercised to try retain a semi-autonomous absolute power leverage and maintain a personally advantageous inequitable command and control ….. which is the Fools’ Gold Hold on the Future of Reality.

  2. MrXavia

    There is a simple reason to 'shun' samsung apps, if you change to a different android device in a years time will you be able to install your apps? with google play, I am 99% sure I can no matter which brand of Android device I buy....

    secondly, Samsung's apps are worse than google own... remember S-Translate? the whole 'show' of using it to converse in china on their unveiling of the S4? then people finding out you needed a data connection!

    Googles works without it (sure not as nice as online version but it works offline!)

    1. Nick Ryan Silver badge

      At present, Samsung's own apps and services are largely shunned by the hordes who buy its hardware.

      Because they are gut wrenchingly appalling, interfere with anything standard and generally make the phone experience somewhat worse? Samsung make great phones, but are utterly clueless about software.

      MrXavia's point about the purchases not being transferable from one device to another unless they're both Samsung devices is a good one - just hadn't thought about that before. If Samsung introduced a really good, unobtrusive and well managed app-store that could also be used on all Android installs (it could still include Samsung exclusives), then that's one thing. However with the heap of unremovable junk that Samsung shovel onto phones they aren't helping themselves.

      1. Craigie

        Couldn't agree more. Samsung's utterly awful software, and their related inability to provide Android updates, are THE reason I am 100% going to go elsewhere when my contract is up.

        1. RSmith

          Samsung isn't the problem with updates. All the Note 3s have gotten Kit Kat a long time ago except mine, which is on Verizon. Verizon seems to be holding it up for some reason or another.

      2. Anonymous Coward 101

        The only company that actually seems to make an effort with their bundled apps is Apple. Samsung try to copy everything Apple does, but their software makes them fail in the attempt. Remember their Siri rip off, that (initially) couldn't be turned off?

        The sheer lack of clue about this - make the bundled apps either high quality or NOT EXIST AT ALL - is embarrassing.

    2. RSmith

      Ummm... Yes and no.

      I don't quite agree. Samsung apps are a mixed bag. I have a Note 3 and several apps are night and day above Google's like S Planner. Several apps, unfortunately, are half baked and almost seem pointless that they tried to go their own route, such as S Voice. Google has great services, but S Planner, for instance, taps right into the Google Calendar, making transfer pretty easy.

      Samsung recently made a pact with Google, and its predicted that it will no longer shove its apps down the throats of users in upcoming models, and you'll be able to get those apps from Play, instead of the Samsung app store, which also seems stupid.

      As for Tizen, I think its a fail. You just don't have the infrustructure to get the users and its just too late in the game. Besides, Google stands in the way of Samsung and the carriers from having complete control over Android, which keeps it somewhat in tact from phone to phone. Tizen, on the other had, will be a wild west show with drastic differences between brands by the time they get done. Samsung and the carriers will be able to do as they please, just as the others will if they came on board, and we'll see the difference between using a Sony phone and a Samsung phone like going from OpenSuse to Ubuntu. They are just extremely different in so many ways...

  3. petur

    Why tizen on low-end

    I want Tizen on high-end.... and continue where Nokia stopped when it abandoned it....

    1. Lars

      Re: Why tizen on low-end

      That would be Jolla with Sailfish.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I can't imagine Tizen being successful

    Launching a new mobile OS is hard. However, Samsung's right about one thing: when you sell an Android phone, you create a revenue stream for Google. I can't say I blame Samsung for wanting a slice of that pie :-).

    1. dogged

      Re: I can't imagine Tizen being successful

      They do have a problem, though.

      Without a good email service, a bloody good Search service, a good mapping service (preferably offline) and excellent media sales and streaming, how smart is the phone anyway? Probably mapping is the most difficult of these to supply.

      They of course have the option to use Google services and rivals are available such as Microsoft and Nokia's HERE stuff, which does not belong to MS. But using those would surely create revenue streams for Nokia and/or MS which is simply swapping one potentially brutal dictator for another.

      It's a tough one.

      The wildcard is probably China, as always. Baidu search, HERE maps, Weibo messaging might create a decent set of services without becoming too beholden to any one in particular.

      I guess we shall see.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: I can't imagine Tizen being successful

        "Probably mapping is the most difficult of these to supply."

        Yes, you are entirely correct in this respect. It was a canny move of Nokia to keep the Here portfolio, when it sold it's handset division to Microsoft. Mapping is hard to do yourself, from scratch. I probably laughed loudest when Apple launched its own maps. I don't laugh anymore (though I still prefer Google Maps on iOS, and Here Maps to Apple's efforts).

    2. RSmith

      Re: I can't imagine Tizen being successful

      Why shouldn't they create a revenue stream for Google? It's like saying the recording artist shouldn't be allowed getting revenue for the songs they record and the radio plays - that the record company should keep it all. Google created and maintains the OS they use. Google's payoff is the revenue stream it creates using their services. Samsung taps into a popular OS with a great ecosystem for free to sell some phones. Explain to me how Google should be pushed out of this picture?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: I can't imagine Tizen being successful

        No one said Google should be pushed out of the picture. Samsung is every bit as free to make its own ecosystem, should it wish to do so. And why shouldn't it? This is exactly what Apple do, except Apple charge money for things, rather than monetising the fuck out of every breath you take*.

        * Though as I've said before, I'm sanguine on Google monetising what I do, as long as they anonymise the data. No Google ad has ever led to me buying something.

  5. RyokuMas Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Good luck, Samsung!

    With Google trying increasing to take control of what was originally a great open-source idea (see here and here), all I can say is "Good luck, Samsung!"

    Moreover, if Samsung can up their game with their app store, they might just pull it off. After all, to the average buyer on the street, Android is not a brand (like, say, iPhone) - Samsung is.

    Now, let's see if they can get Monogame running on Tizen...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I think there are probably a few more reasons to switch to Tizen beyond the usual Google argument. The first thing that comes to mind is that It would get them out of paying Microsoft extortion for each Android handset. And besides, users will still be able to access Google's main services like search, maps, gmail,

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