back to article Did Microsoft just paint TechEd Australia Azure?

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that TechEd Australia 2014 is going to drop the format of a few days in one place and instead run as a two-day event in each of Sydney and Melbourne. As the comments on my blog post about the chance indicate, community disgruntlement didn't take long to follow the skimpy announcement. …


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  1. Andy Mac

    Whenever I watch a talk on Azure and they demo a feature, I'm left thinking "that was cool, but how much did it cost me?"

    Until I work for a company that actually uses Azure, the hobbyist developer side of me couldn't care less and that's a shame as most Microsoft talks are now about either Azure or Win8 apps.

  2. Jon B

    Come over to TechEd NZ for a four day conference then, 9-12 September

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not quite.

    for Australians one of the biggest deterrents was having data stored in the US or Singapore, along with the higher latency that distance brings and the unrestrained and forcibly-gagged access numerous US organisations have to their data.

    There, fixed.

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