back to article Canucks' ISPs routing data through snoop heaven USA

A University of Toronto-led transparency project has criticised Canada's ISPs for unnecessarily routing user traffic via the US, even when both the origin and destination of the traffic is within Canada. In a study that mirrors, in part, European concerns about why traffic should traverse the US when it doesn't need to, the …


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  2. drone2903 in Kanuckistant


    As I said before, welcome to Kanuckistan

  3. malle-herbert Silver badge

    Well folks...

    That's just how the internet works isn't it ?

    As a simple client you can't really control where your data is routed...

    If your ISP's pipes are busy your data gets routed around them, and

    if that means it has to go through the USA... well... tough luck !

  4. Mycho Silver badge

    Sounds like

    Time for an agreement to route data through the EU? They'd probably pay for the infrastructure even.

    1. bigtimehustler

      Re: Sounds like

      As soon as it goes over the Atlantic GCHQ will have tapped it at arrival in Europe, then passed it to the NSA for processing and received its intelligence back.

  5. Sureo

    Canadian spooks are ready willing and able to grab the data too.

    1. Lionel Baden

      wouldn't they say please ?


      1. Random Coolzip

        | wouldn't they say please ?

        They might not even say "sorry"!

    2. NoneSuch

      Sorry Sureo, but you are 100% wrong. Canada's spooks, the CSE, are subject to PIPEDA privacy law. If you've never read that set of laws, you should as they lay out in specific terms what an organization, government or private body can do with your information. If it were ever proven that your information was collected illegally then there are heavy cash fines.

      If you are a crook, they can get a court order, but it cannot be used for mass surveillance or collection.

      PIPEDA is one of the reasons SIlent Circle set up their email servers there initially.

      1. tom dial Silver badge

        I am neither Canadian nor a lawyer, but it appears on reading that PIPEDA applies in the private sector and defers matters relating to government data collection to the Privacy Act. The latter appears to have loopholes large and numerous enough to accommodate a broad range of activities, conceivably including the kinds of activity we have come to expect of signals intelligence agencies. In particular, it is not obvious that collecting, e. g., telephone and email metadata, or internet search data, would be restricted. Subparagraphs c and d in the definition of personal information might not be enough, depending on the interpretation of "identifying number" or "address". The section on "Exemptions" (to disclosure), too, covers a lot of territory, including information received in confidence from foreign governments and international organizations of states and their institutions as well as that accumulated in conjunction with investigations of illegal activity or national security threats.

        Again, I am not a lawyer, and case law based on the Privacy Act and other related legislation may tightly constrain what intelligence agencies may do, although I would expect things to far more settled in matters of police activity. In the end, however, much depends on how government officials behave in practice, whether they can be (and are) trusted to behave well, and whether there are adequate controls on their misbehavior. The Canadian Privacy Commissioner appears to be important, and hopefully is more active and effective than its US counterpart has been.

        1. JaitcH

          The Canadian equivalent of the NSA ...

          is as closed mouth as GCHQ and it has been found to be breaking Canadian rules, like all the rest.

          It's not allowed to 'spy' on any Canadian anywhere - in or outside Canada - without a warrent. But when has that ever stopped these spooks?

  6. Marketing Hack Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    I'm waiting for the discovery....

    That all ISPs are ultimately controlled by shadowy international trust Five Eyes Ltd.!!

  7. Yes Me Silver badge

    Why they do it

    Why they do it is probably money. I'm out of touch with current Canadian and US pricing for long lines, but certainly some years ago trans-continental capacity between Eastern and Western Canada was considerably cheaper via the USA.

  8. JaitcH

    OttIX (Ottowa)

    This is actually OttIX (OttAwa) - our Capital city.

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