back to article Nutanix tries to lure in biz whales with fresh storage NOS

Nutanix is going up against some of the biggest tech vendors in the game with its turnkey, scale-out clustered, converged server+hybrid flash/disk storage box for enterprises. Its job is persuading customers to buy into its data centre future view and purchase its souped-up converged servers instead of separate servers and …


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  1. ToddR

    what does this deliver that Scale I/O doesn't and

    do you really want another OS to support?

    1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

      It offers higher value for dollar and

      there aren't a lot of nerd knobs for you to twiddle so keeping the thing up to date is relatively minor annoyance. (That said, they do have some work to do in this regard to make it completely idiot proof.)

      If you aren't spending your own money, aren't responsible for the budget in any way and are constitutionally allergic to storage that doesn't come with an EMC sticker, ScaleIO is a great choice.

      If you want an off-the-shelf product that Just Works, with no fiddling and no decisions to make, choose Nutanix.

      If your goal in life is an off-the-shelf offering focused on multi-site data management, SimpliVity are the folks you want.

      If you want the ability to roll-your-own converged infrastructure with minimal fuss, muss and above all expense, knock on Maxta's door.

      If you just want to make your existing spinning rust go faster - or you are dealing with dunderheaded storage admins from the past who will never buy anything except EMC/Netapp rust arrays - Proximal Data will make you happy and do so cheaper and easier than anyone else.

      If you are ready to forklift your storage - but not your compute - then turn to a hybrid vendor like Tintri for a moderate boost or an all-flash one like Skyera for the bat-out-of-hell option.

      In today's storage world no one product - or vendor - fits all. There are enough niches for everyone and there's more than enough money to go around.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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