back to article The Punch and Judy show is LIVE NOW cancelled

Update at 14:12: Today' flights have been cancelled due to high winds. Highly irritating, but that's the British weather for you. We'll let you know when we've formed an alternative plan. The Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) "Punch" and "Judy" test flights are about to kick off - assuming the wind doesn't scupper …


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  1. John Gamble

    Not to worry, I'm sure you'll make it up soon.

    So... when do you launch for the ISS?

  2. McHack


    Then what the hell pictures from space have I been watching come in, real time, from the live feed?

    1. daveake

      Re: CANCELED?

      You have been watching someone else's flight. Our imaging tracker was "RICHARD" and as no doubt noticed the images are from one called "POPEYE".

      1. Camilla Smythe

        Re: CANCELED?

        When asked to comment about the lack of updates El-Reg blamed someone else whilst suggesting the prominent washing machine was subject to a claim for infringement of a 'swipe to unlock' patent filed by Apple. Apple were not available for comment. The on site resident technicians still have stained underwear and Linus Haines is not very happy about the budget for this exercise being spunked on choccy bars and a bottle of fizzy orange by a bunch of fat blokes standing around scratching their bollocks through their trouser pockets. Tune in next week to discover how to do IT.

    2. Pet Peeve

      Re: CANCELED?

      That's POPEYE, some other hobbyist balloon project. Nice pictures though.

      1. McHack

        Re: Re: CANCELED?

        Thanks for the info.

        Dang, how many people are doing this "Pics from Space" thing? Must be a lot to nearly get two groups posting simultaneously on just one of the available posting sites.

        1. daveake

          Re: CANCELED?

          Not many doing the "live" pix. Only a couple doing it regularly and a few more doing it sometimes.

      2. Captain DaFt

        Re: CANCELED?

        Must be this one:

  3. Elmer Phud

    Sand in yer eye

    Bloody foreign sand coming over here . . .

  4. Mark 85 Silver badge

    Pity about the weather

    Well, let's just hope the next attempt has better weather. Have a pint for the effort anyway.

  5. Cliff

    I'm out in Arabia, somewhat tipsy, coming home soon, thanks for waiting for me so I can follow along.

  6. Winkypop Silver badge

    Cancelled due to wind?

    Too many kebabs last night lads?

    1. Tim99 Silver badge

      Re: Cancelled due to wind?

      Too many kebabs last night lads?

      Or possibly because the universe had noticed that Paul had been taken over by the shade of Jimmy Savile.

  7. Johndoe888


    Due to the new location of the launch point, the payloads should carry a playmobil fisherman due to the proximity to the hallowed waters of Redmire Pool.

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