back to article Crap flap-app flap chap yaps: Yes, FLAPPY BIRD is comin' back

The reluctant app mogul behind the viral hit Flappy Bird has given a clear "yes" to bringing the infuriating game back from the dead. In a tweet posted this week, developer Dong Nguyen said his game will be returning to Apple's App Store, albeit not right now. @painfullpacman Yes. But not soon. — Dong Nguyen (@dongatory) …


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  1. Martin Budden Bronze badge

    How far will this version get before it smacks into a pipe like the last one did?

    1. LarsG

      I knew it, it's all about the money.....

      1. JDX Gold badge

        If it were, he wouldn't have taken it down.

        I think he maybe wants the money but hates the fame.

  2. Shades

    How long does it take to draw graphics that aren't going to prompt a "friendly" letter from Nintendo?

    1. ukgnome


      There is this thing right that most call the internet but the part we use is called the world wide web. Its incredibly useful as its full of all kinds of stuff and things. Lets call some of the stuff and things information. Are you following me so far Shades?

      Good, now one of the useful things about this is the ability to search for facts. And one of these facts that you can search is how Nintendo feel about some of the similarity of the flappy birds backgrounds.

      Thank you xx

  3. Eugene Crosser

    Anybody remembers SFCave

    or its knockoffs? They've been here, like, forever. I remember playing on Palm Tungsten. Admittedly, the ribbon that you had to direct through the tunnel did not flap its wings, though. Sunflat is still alive, though I am not sure that there weren't any earlier versions.

    (I want an icon of a man with long grey beard)

  4. RyokuMas Silver badge

    Oh, what a surprise...

    Spot the carefully played P.R. stunt! Although I'm now sniggering at the thought of all those ebay buyers who paid thousands for a phone with Flappy on it.

    I look forward to when the world has forgotten about this crap and we can get a bit more sense back into the app marketplaces - it's bad enough as it is with all the shovelware and fart apps...

    1. Piro

      Re: Oh, what a surprise...

      I can't spot the carefully played PR stunt, honestly.

      This guy has nothing to do with idiots buying phones on ebay.

      Who the HELL would want to spend a lot of money on a phone from ebay because of one simple game?

      If anyone actually did buy them, it's total idiocy, and personal data is left because it's supposed to be factory reset first.

  5. Mnot Paranoid

    I got 251.

    1. Sandpit

      "I got 251."

      I got a life!

      1. Benchops

        > I got a life!

        I heard you get an extra life at 500. Thought it was a myth.

  6. Nigel 11

    I was hoping for a game in which you play the part of a Pigeon navigating above and around the streets of London.

    Crappy Bird?

    GD&R clutching coat.

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