back to article Apple flops out latest OS X Mavericks beta, hopes sound+graphics sorted

Apple has rolled out a brand new beta version of Mavericks to devs in the hope they will test its updated graphics and audio drivers. The new version of Mavericks is numbered 10.9.3 (13D17) . It was first seeded to developers earlier this month, but this latest iteration is a proper pre-release build. Mavericks has proven …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Apple is the Jordache Jeans of the computer world. Let's add sparkles and sell them for 130% more than Levis.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      OSX is very popular with people doing live electronic music. If Vince Clarke uses one then they can't be bad, he knows a heck of a lot about electronic music.

      I went to a music gig where one of the artists had to swap places with another because he was using Windows 8 and he couldn't do his set until Windows had finished installing updates.

      But it does seem to me like OSX quality control has gone downhill, it's almost like there isn't an angry leader in charge of Apple ready to splat people who can't do their job?

      1. Kerry Hoskin

        installing updates, my god that must have taken all but a few minutes (but still best do it before you start working) and of course OSX never needs updates

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Windows updates only take a few minutes?

          Are you having a laugh? Really?

          I recently spent almost half a day updating a windows 7 system that was newly installed. .Net 3.1 and 4 require update/reboot/update many times before you are all up to date.

          On the otherhand,

          OSX, download one file, fire off thinstaller and let it do its job.

          Linux, 'yum -y update' and go and make some tea. Only need to reboot if the kernel has changed and not even them on some distros.

          The Windows updates system should pensioned off like Balmer.

          1. Observer1959

            Re: Windows updates only take a few minutes?

            Exactly on Windows it's like living with a nag who's always in your way.

      2. Ross K

        I went to a music gig where one of the artists had to swap places with another because he was using Windows 8 and he couldn't do his set until Windows had finished installing updates.

        For real? That's the kind of bullshit I'd expect from a linux evangelist.

        There are so many things wrong with that story I don't know where to start.

        A "creative" type using Windows 8? Sorry, a "creative" type using Windows full stop?

        A bad workman blames his tools; this artist doesn't check his machine in advance of a gig to make sure everything still works?

        Did I express my surprise at a "creative" type using Windows already? Oh yeah...

        1. big_D Silver badge

          Creative types use Windows as well. The last 2 ad agencies I worked at were 100% Windows, well, 99.9%, one user had a Linux workstation.

          As to the gig, only an idiot would download an update directly before they were due to go on stage, regardless of what platform they were using.

  2. Toothpick


    What a non-story. And in other news, Tim Cook has a piss at least once a day.

    1. Observer1959

      Re: Non-story

      It sounds like he needs to drink more water.

  3. Matthew 17

    New OSX' always breaks audio

    10.9 broke audio sure, it was fixed by manufacturers updating their drivers, same story with 10.8 and 10.7 and 10.6 etc.

    If you're using your Mac for something audio-production related then you always hang on before installing a new OS to ensure any issues have been worked out.

    If you're just dicking about looking at cat pictures and whatnot then you can dive in straight away without any real fear of a problem.

    Nothing new or usual here.

    1. MD Rackham

      Re: New OSX' always breaks audio

      But what if I can't hear the cat's adorable mewing?

      1. RAMChYLD

        Re: New OSX' always breaks audio

        I agree with this. Afaik 10.5.7 broke support for several external audio devices, including the USB Soundblaster Extigy. To get it working again you have to buy a third party driver that costs €44. Which IMO is ridiculous.

        I have to pay €133 just to have my Dell touchscreen to work. I have to pay €44 to get my old USB soundblaster to work (and it worked out of the box prior to Mac OS X 10.5.7). Why can't Apple just make these things work out of the box? Linux can do it, why not Apple?

    2. Observer1959

      Re: New OSX' always breaks audio

      Not just audio but anything "mission critical". I always had either two partitions or multiple hard drives that I would keep the new and previous OS on so I could test. As the new drive became "useable" for real work the old OS was left behind. When the next OS arrived I wiped that clean and repeat. It's so easy to manage two OS on a Mac it just makes sense.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You don't half write some shite Hamill. I'm not suggesting for one minute that no-one has had problems, but you... What a hack.

  5. Colin Ritchie

    Dodging Mavericks till 10.10 arrives.

    My Mac Pro 3,1 is staying on Snow Leopard so it can still use my massive library of Rosetta enabled legacy software, my Hackintosh is staying on Mountain Lion until Mavericks is all fixed and abandoned for the next iteration.

    As the Dutch say, "The early bird is for the cat.".

  6. cyrus
    Thumb Down

    Odd OS X releases tend to suck

    With the exception of perhaps 10.5 (which supported both PPC and Intel Macs), my experience is that the even versions are worth working with. The odd versions usually suck. Just my opinion.

  7. Jim Wilkinson

    Stuff Mavericks

    Another reader stqying on Snow Leopard because account syncing has to use the cloud in Mavericks (I separate my personal and business accounts for obvious reasons - I cannot be alone in this requirement).

    The fruit company made a very bad move AFAIAC.

  8. cd

    I do not understand the frenzy to update. No OS X release has been useful until after the 10.x.5 release at minimum. Up to then it's beta-land.

  9. hungee

    But I thought it "just works"???

    Here I was thinking Apple had superior software and I was such a such a sucker for sticking with Windows.

    Yet, my audio hardware doesn't need driver updates every new O.S. and I don't install O.S. updates at a gig because, you know, Duh.

    Don't blame the tools, blame the workman. There is no computer that "just works" if you push it to the edge. No matter what the O.S.

    The computer reflects the User. If you are mental, your computer will be mental too.

  10. darklord


    My MBA 12 model with I7 will not run Mavericks with out error messages on shutdown and startup. And this is a vanilla build Snow leopards absolutely fine.

    Id like to upgrade but not with those issues. i get fed up of reverting back so ive decided its staying a s SL

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